Do you need a plazma TV for PS3?

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no, you can use a hd tv

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Q: Do you need a plazma TV for PS3?
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What is a plazma?

Plazma is the (most common) state of matter, the 4th state of matter. Plazma is in stars the sun plazma tvs lighning neon lights. Plazma has a indefinate shape and volume. but the molecules in plazma are able to move freely but for example, in a solid the molecules dont move they vibrate in place. :):):):):):):):):):);0:)::):):)

Do you need a flat screen tv to play the ps3?

No a PS3 can play on any TV that has input plugs to connect the PS3

Do you need a new TV to play PS3?


Do you have to have satellite or cable for PS3 to work?

no the PS3 will work even if the TV does not get reception from TV stations. To go online the PS3 does need an internet connection, but a PS3 does not have togo online it will not be as good, but will still work.

How do you connect HDMI PS3 to a hd tv?

You need to get a PS3 HDMI cord or equivalent connected properly from the PS3 to the TV and in the PS3 menu, go to video settings, select video output settings, and it tells you what to do from there.

What do you need to play the PS3?

It depends what type of TV you have. If you have a standard TV, all you need is the PS3, and all the connection cables that come with it. Once there connected, all you need is some games to play. But if you have a HD TV, you will need the PS3, all the connection cables that come with it and a HDMI cable. This HDMI cable is what transmits the HD visuals onto the HD TV.

Why cant i see anything on your ps3 on the dynex tv?

You may need to switch your TV over to display the correct input that the PS3 is connected to.

How do you say 'plasma' in Bulgarian?

Plazma...плазма example: plasma screen of a TV

Do you need a HDMI cable to play PS3 on a HD TV?

In order for the PS3 to work best on a HDTV you need to have or purchase either an HDMI or a component AV cable and connect the PS3 to the HDTV. The PS3 will play on a HDTV when it is connected with the AV cable that was provided, but it will not be in HD

Is there mandatory things to go with a PS3?

As long as you have a TV, the PS3 comes packaged with everything you need to hook it up. If you want High Definition though, you do need an HDMI cable.

What type of tv do you need to get the maximum use of a PS3?

That would be the SHARP LC32GP3B 32-Inch AQUOS 1080p Gaming LCD TV that is best for gaming. PS3 has 1080p resolution.So to see that resolution fully you need a 1080p television.

Do you need an HDTV to play a PS3?

I do not believe so. As long as your PS3 comes with standard AV cables a normal TV should work.

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