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It depends on what you are doing and if you have a desktop or a laptop. If you are a gamer, then you will know if you need to upgrade to a better video card to play the game. If not, then you will probably be fine with the integrated one, unless you are running high - end business programs. Oh, and if you have a laptop then you cannot upgrade or change the video card at all. You should know if you need a better one.

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Is biostar 945gc motherboard need a video card for best gaming?

Yes. The integrated graphics are not sufficient for playing most modern games.

Why is the display not working after a BSOD with irql less than or equal error for both the graphics card and the integrated card on motherboard?

Sounds like the integrated video card died. An integrated component can fail, just like an add-on card can. Don't dispair though, it doesn't mean you need to replace your motherboard. You can purchase an add-on card, you will need to know if you can use a PCI or AGP card. You can probably use a PCI card. Most motherboards will automatically disable the integrated video when you insert an add-on card. Be sure to ground yourself to the chassis by touching it before inserting any add-on card. A new display card will range in price, it can be more than a new motherboard, or can cost more.

What does the motherboard hold?

The motherboard holds most of the essential circuitry needed for the computer. It contains the CPU, the chipset, the buses, the memory, voltage regulators, the BIOS, the CMOS battery, and various controllers. The motherboard may or may not have integrated graphics. If not, the machine will need a separate video card.

Why do you need a graphics card for your computer?

Without one, you won't have anything on the screen. Back then, the video/graphics cards were integrated into the system board/motherboard. Later on, manufacturers added support for dedicated graphics, and then with the introduction of the Core i3, i5, and i7 series (Intel) and their AMD equivalents, the integrated graphics moved out of the motherboard and straight into the CPU.

Why do you need a video card?

a video card or a graphic card helps us to see images or videos on the monitor and it is located on the motherboard in the pci slot and it helps the processor to process the video or images that you see on the monitor

Can you use an ati video card in a motherboard that's made for and sli video card?

Yes you can use an ati video card in a sli motherboard, however you cannot put two ati graphics cards in that motherboard and run them in sli. As far as putting one in and just running it single your ok. You would need a motherboard that supports Crossfire to run two ati graphics cards together.

You are having problems with your sound card and you want to remove it Where does it be and how can you remove it?

A sound card can either be integrated into the motherboard, or in one of the expansion slots. If it is integrated into the motherboard, it cannot be removed, but it can usually be disabled in the BIOS. If it is in an expansion slot, you need to remove the cover of the case, and remove a single screw that holds it in place, and then pull it out.

If a motherboard has a vga port then does you need a graphics card?

If your motherboard has a VGA connection, that means it has an onboard video chipset and no you do not need to buy a dedicated video card unless you want to play more modern games or are using any other program that requires a dedicated gfx processor.

What are the different between intergrated and non intergrated motherboard?

With non-integrated motherboards, the initial cost is higher because more individual components need to be purchased. intergrated motherboards contain built-in components that are normally on found by adding expansion cards. For example, a motherboard might have video and network capabilities built right into the board, so you don't have to purchase a separate video card and network card. The obvious downside to this is that if the video or network component ceases to function, you will either have to replace the entire motherboard or disable the malfunctioning onboard component

what computer components do i need to build one from scratch?

You'll need at least: a motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive, case, CPU fan, sound card and video card.

Which video card is needed for playing pes 2008?

you need an nvidia geforce graphics card to play pes 2008.it will not work in Intel motherboard chiipsets

Does the memory on a graphics card need to match the memory on the motherboard and if not what memory types are compatible compatible?

the memory between the video card and the mother board DO NOT need to match. the memory on the vid card CANNOT be upgraded.

Where can you get video drivers for Intel Pentium d 2.8 Ghz?

The Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz has no video output and therefore does not need video drivers. It must be plugged into a motherboard first and even that is not certain to work. There must be a video card either onboard the motherboard or plugged into an expansion slot first.

How do you remove a video card?

Turn off the computer, open the panel, remove the screw, pull the card. On the other hand, if you're wanting to "remove" a video card that's part of the motherboard you may need to install a video card into one of the slots, get it working then you can disable the onboard video adapter from the list of drivers in the hardware profile.

Can you upgrade the graphics card on a hp dv6-6052ea?

It's not generally a wise choice to try to upgrade a graphics card on a notebook. On most notebooks, the graphics card is integrated to the motherboard, so you'd need to replace basically the whole notebook.

What do you need to buy to make a custom computer?

CPUMotherboardMemory Module(s)Graphic / Video Card (if not integrated on the Motherboard or CPU)Optical Disc Drive / ODD (if you want to read CD / DVD / BD-ROM disc on your computer)Hard Disc Drive / HDDPower Supply / PSUCaseOperating System like Windows 7 or Ubuntu

What is the need to update the drivers?

Is there a specific piece of hardware you need an update for? All the drivers for your computer will be on the support page of the manufacturers website for free. Or on the website of the the individual piece of hardware be it the motherboard, sound card, video card etc.

Did there has any motherboard where you can play any game without grafic card?

Every PC has to have either graphics embedded into the motherboard or either a a dedicated graphics card that fits into an expansion slot on the motherboard. You can buy a motherboard without graphics, but you would need to supply a graphics card to go with it.

What Device do i need to connect a memory card to a PC?

Your PC has a motherboard that you can connect your memory card to. If it is a desktop, open the side of the box and the motherboard is where everything is connected to.

My windows boot camp has a 128mb video card and when you look at the properties it says only 10mb is getting used and the max is 128 so how do you put it to 128 PS the video card is a intellR built in?

you need to replace your video card, if its got 128mb with intellr built in (integrated tech.) then part of your card is burned out, i would suggest a card with atleast 512mb of onboard mem.

How do you get more video memory for your personal computer?

Video memory can not be added by itself. You will need to purchase a new video card with a sufficient amount of video memory on it to replace the one you have. On some on-board video, the graphics chipset uses shared memory. If this is the case, you will need to consult your motherboard manual for details on how to modify the video memory setting in the BIOS.

Why do you need an expansion card slot?

To add a daughter card on the motherboard It may be a TV tuner card, ethernet card, sound card etc

What is the principal of computer?

The motherboard, the processor (CPU), the random access memory (RAM), the Hard Drive and a power supply. You will also need a video card, if you want to see it on a monitor and a sound card, if you want to hear it through speakers. Many motherboards have the video card and sound card built into them. Also a Mouse, Keyboard and an operating system

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