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To buy the plane ticket to Mexico, no... there is no ID required. But to USE that ticket and GO to Mexico then yes, you will need a passport and that will be your ID.

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If you are a foreigner, you will need a passport.

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Q: Do you need an ID to buy a plane ticket to Mexico?
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Is a US citizen required to buy a round trip plane ticket if going to Mexico?

Yep! Remember, Cancoon is in Mexico.

What do you need to to travel to Brazil from Mexico?

Visa and Buy a Ticket

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You will have to buy a plane ticket.

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If someone lives in the US at pennsivlnia and want to buy plane ticket to someone lives in Cambodia to fly to US and that is no booking plane ticket Do u know how much the plane ticket?

The cost of the plane ticket in question will depend on the dates the person is planning to fly. Also, a round trip versus one way ticket will affect the cost as well.

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Can you buy a plane ticket without booking a flight?

No, you cannot buy a plane ticket without booking a flight. Buying a plane ticket means that you are purchasing a reservation on a specific flight, on a specific date, and at a specific time. The ticket serves as proof of your reservation and is required for you to board the plane. Booking a flight typically involves selecting your travel dates, destination, and departure/arrival airports, and then selecting a specific flight that fits your schedule and budget. Once you have chosen your flight, you will be asked to provide your personal and payment information, and you will then receive a confirmation email or ticket. Therefore, booking a flight is a necessary step in buying a plane ticket, as you cannot buy a ticket without first reserving a spot on a specific flight.

Can you buy a plane ticket online and go the next day?

Of course we can buy online plane airline tickets and go the next day, if there is confirmed seats.

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