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Yes, Action Replay DS is required to use the codes.

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Do you need action replays for the action replay codes?

You do need an Action Replay DS to use the Action Replay codes, think about it. It's kind of obvioce isn't it, brainiac!

How do you use the Action Replay codes in a Pokemon game?

Buy an action replay cartridge or use an emulater i need help on how to put in the numbers in an action replay

Where do you download codes for action replay dsi?

you can't use the action replay in the DSi NO YES U CAN YOU NEED ACTION REPLAY DSi

To use action replay codes do you have to have an action replay device?

yes you do or you can not use action replay why do you think there called action replay codes you disgrace to the smartness pf Earth!!!

How do you download action replay codes into your ds without action replay?

You need the Action Replay DS to use the codes on your games. If you mean by putting codes onto your DS without typing it in, you can use the Action Replay Code Manager to manage, add, delete, and transfer codes onto your Action Replay. You can get more information on the Action Replay here: http://www.warc.us/ none of this is helpful for the person how wrote it

Action replay psp codes?

No you must use action replay

Super Mario 64 where to type in cheat codes?

If you're talking about Action Replay (AR) codes, you need a special cheat device called an Action Replay to use the codes.

Action replay codes that work without Action Replay?

Sorry, it's impossible to use Action Replay Codes without in Action Replay. If there was what would be the point of selling them?

Can i use Pokesav without action replay?

I am sorry, but you will need a Action Replay because there is no place to input the codes without one.A action replay cost from $25.00 to $40.00 + Tax depending on where you buy it.However, if you have an R4 game cartidge, you do not need to use action replay if you have a game loaded onto there already.-Orignal Anwser-you need action replay because there is no place to input codes without itds action replay:$19.99+taxHowever if you have an R4 game cartridge you dont need to use the action replay if you have the game loaded onto there

How can you use action replay cheats?

You have to buy a action replay cartridge. Then go on codes and type in the codes.

Your action replay won't take codes that work on my friend's action replay what should you do?

you need to upgrade it in order for some to work. (use the action replay manager to upgrade it.)

How do you copy master balls in Pokemon platinum?

You would need to use an Action Replay code by using Action Replay DS or a flashcart which supports Action Replay codes.

My sister has the action replay ok Well can I put my game into her action replay and do all of the codes on my game without crashing her device?

You can use your sister's Action Replay codes to put it on your games without crashing her device. You just need to use her Action Replay on your DS. yes you can use it non any ds

How do you use newly added codes on a DS action replay?

same way as you do to all action replay codes

How do you use Action Replay Codes for Pokemon soulsilver?

you press action replay codes on Pokemon soul silver

Can you use Action Replay with the English version of Pokemon Black?

Yes, but you need to insert the games id into the action replay and all of the codes

How do you Use Action Replay On the DS?

The reason for the action replay is basically for you to have cheat codes for your ds but in order for them to work is for you to look up action replay codes and figure out how to enter them into your action replay card

How do you make a folder for codes on action replay?

Use Action Replay Manager on your PC

What do you use the Action Replay?

An action replay is for cheat codes used for ds games

How do you use Action Replay Codes for Action Replay Max for playstation2?

Does it look like I have action replay for PS2!!!!Sheeeez!!!!

How do you use the codes on Animal crossing ds?

You need to buy action replay DS.

How do you enter the letters on cheat codes in Platinum?

I'm pretty sure you need to buy an action replay. there are letters and numbers on it so if you get one you can use all the action replay codes

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