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Yes and no. But during like the middle of the game you have to get a special hook (SPOILER ALERT) you get it ffrom the Prince of Zoras

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Q: Do you need bait to cach a fish in twilight princess?
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Do you need bait to bobble fish for the cat in twilight princess?

yes you need bait to catch a fish for the cat. you do not need to use bait to catch the fish for the cat just catch 2 fishes

How do you get the first milk bottle for the bait in Zelda the twilight princess?

The fat storekeeper in Ordon gives it to you when you get her cat to come back. (Hint: find a way to get it a fish!)

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How do you fish in Zelda the twilight princess?

You multiply your coinsa and take the bucket and throw it away :)

How do get through the blizzard in Zelda twilight princess?

You need to follow the scent of the red fish.

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How do you get the cat in Zelda?

Do you mean Twilight Princess? You'll need the fishing rod and catch a fish in front of it

Zelda twilight princess fishing?

go to the water then select the fishing rod until you catch a fish

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