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In Florida, you are required to have a certain amount of personal injury protection and property damage insurance to drive.

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No. You do not have to carry insurance in Florida if you dont own a vehicle.

Yes you will need car insurance in Ohio, if you own a car. Car insurance is mandatory to ensure people are covered for damage, in the case of a car accident.

there is no age, you buy car insurance when you own a car

If you are going to drive a car, you should have insurance.

Yes, because in order to drive legally, you need a license and a proof of insurance, not the deed to the car.An example includes rental cars. Even though you don't own the car, you need insurance to drive one.

If she was driving your car, notify your agent. If it was her mom's car, then her insurance is responsible, and, of course, if your daughter was driving her own vehicle, she would have her own insurance.

No, you do not need to have insurance to get your license in NJ. You can get your license before you even own a car.

If you own a car and buy insurance to cover it, you are covered although the insurance is on the car. You can allow other people to drive the car and they will then be covered even if they don't have insurance.

In most states, insurance is required anytime you are on the road operating a motor vehicle. Even if you drive for just one day a month, you still need insurance.

If you do not own a car or live in a household with a car owner who is related to you, you don't actually need your own insurance as long as the person whose car you are driving has insurance. However, that is only true for the occasional trip in a friend's car. If you regularly use the vehicle you would need to get insured.

You don't need Insurance to get a permit, or even your license. You will need insurance if you own your over car and wish to put it on the road.'

You are not required to purchase insurance from a rental car company. However you are required by law to have insurance. If you have your own insurance call your insurance company and ask what they cover for rental cars, then once you get to the rental car company ask them what their insurance covers, then use which ever one you feel is best for you. If you do not have personal insurance, I would definitely take out the rental cars insurance.

You can get a car insurance unless you will buy a car.

It sorta makes sense that you would own a car. If you do not own a car why would you want liability insurance?

Yes, all you need is your drivers licence or permit in order to get an auto insurance.

If they're your own children - your ordinary car insurance will cover them. If they're someone else's children, strictly speaking - you need 'public liability' insurance.

Yes, it is mandatory to have a car insurance if you own a car. To gain the right to drive on public roads, you need to get your car insured before you make the purchase. Visit turtlemint to go through various options of car insurance.

Your own car insurance will only cover a rental car in some cases. It will depend on your current insurance plan. Either way, you can take out insurance for the rental car.

Ask an insurance agent. Most insurance agents are happy to sell insurance and answer questions. Most insurance policies are available with layaways; that is a time when the insurance policy isn't active and you don't pay for coverage. The same agent who insures the home would be a great candidate to help with insurance on the car.

If you want to rent a car, you need to check with your own insurance provider and see if you are covered. If not, you can purchase the insurance from the rental company directly.

yes because whether you own the car entirely or not, if you're driving it, then you need protection

In VA you must provide proof of insurance before you get your license if you own a vehicle

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