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To enter the Pokemon League, you only need to obtain the eight Johto badges and then find the Pokemon League building.

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Q: Do you need onehendred Pokemon to enter the Pokemon league in soul silver?
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Where is silver cave on Pokemon Silver?

After defeating the Pokemon league,Fly to the bottom of the Pokemon league and enter then walk to the left.

Do you need 100 Pokemon to enter the Pokemon league?


How do you find fire Pokemon in the Pokemon league?

it really depends on which Pokemon game you have if its heart gold or soul silver fire types can normally be found in mount silver but you would have to defeat the legue first in order to enter

Pokemon Soul Silver how to enter cheats?

you don't

What do you do after you beat cheren on victory road in Pokemon white?

enter the Pokemon league

How can you get past the Pokemon league on Pokemon soul silver?

First, you have to get through Victory Road. Before you can exit Victory Road, Rival will challenge you to a battle. After you defeat him (if you do defeat him) you can exit Victory Road and enter the Pokemon League. Then you defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

How do you get the Pokemon league?

You can enter the Pokemon League once you've defeated all eight gyms and have the gym badges.

How do you open the Pokemon league reception gate in Pokemon shiny gold?

get every badge from johto and kanto to access mt silver but only johto is needed to enter victory road

Where do you get hm waterfall in Pokemon white 2?

you get it just before you enter the Pokemon League

How do you enter Pokemon league after defeating bossosy in the radio tower?

You'll need all the Johto Badges and you can go to the Pokemon League.

Do you enter us id for cheats to work Pokemon soul silver?


How do you enter cheat codes in Pokemon silver?

by entering cheat codes

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