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No, you do not. The DSi is simply an advanced version of the DS lite. You can play your DS games and only your DS games on the DSi, minus the fact that you can download games from the DSi store.

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Do you need special games for a Nintendo 3ds?

Yes, the Nintendo 3ds has is on cards, but how ever the Nintendo 3ds is able to play normal DS games

What kind of computer do you need to play console games?

You need a console to play console games. Computers play computer games and a PS3 will play PS3 games or the Same for the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

How to play Nintendo switch games on PC?

You can't play Nintendo Switch games on a PC, you need a Nintendo Switch.That does not include games which started out on PC and were ported to Switch.

Do you need certain Pokemon to get jirachi?

No, you do not need any special Pokemon. Jirachi is an event Pokemon which you get from special Nintendo events.

How do you enter cheat codes on a Nintendo DS?

You need the Nintendo DS download play, only for Nintendo games not Game Boy

How do you make Nintendo ds games online like Pokemon?

you need to get Nintendo wi-fi on your ds

How come you can't migrate on Pokemon pearl?

you need gameboy games in slot 2 of your Nintendo ds. ask me on my message board what kind of game.

Were to get free 3ds games?

You can't get free games on Nintendo 3DS eshop you need funds for games.

Do you need different games for the 3DS?

No. The Nintendo 3DS has it's own selection of 3DS games but it can still play Nintendo DS and DSi games. Also, the Nintendo eShop has a Virtual Console which allows you to play games from the NES, N64 and GameBoy.

Can a Nintendo GameCube game work in a Nintendo Wii?

Yes, you can play GameCube games on the Wii but you will need a GameCube controller to play those games

Where To Download Pokemon Diamond And pearl For Visual Boy Advance?

visual boy advanced is only for gameboy games, for any kind of nintendo ds games you need to download another emulator.

Do you need 3D games for the 3DS?

No, you do not, but the option will be available. The Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible and can play Nintendo DS games. Also, preinstalled software as well as paid applications can be played on the Nintendo 3DS.

Does Nintendo Wii need security?

They did install TSA on there for games not lisencend by them

Do you need a Nintendo Wii to play a Nintendo Wii U game?

No, since both are two different consoles. The Wii cannot play Wii U games so you will need to buy a Nintendo Wii U to play Wii U games.

Does the super Nintendo need a memory card?

no super Nintendo games use batery save and the others use codes

My children love the Nintendo Wii. Where online can I get used Nintendo Wii games for them?

You can go to Gamestop.com. There you will be able to get all the used Nintendo Wii games for sale that you need. You can also purchase some on half.com as well.

How do you play Nintendo GameCube games on Nintendo Wii?

Simple, all you need is a Gamecube controller, a gamecube memory card to save games and a gamecube game to play.

GameCube games with Nintendo Wii remote?

No you need a Controller for gamecube games which is plugged into the top of the wii.

How do you get dioxos in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need a special item from Nintendo to unlock the item to get to the island where you can catch it.

How do you send games on Nintendo ds?

You need a flashcart such as R4. and A Microsd card.

Do you need to complete the national pokedex to catch shaymin?

No, Shaymin can't be caught though normal game play either. You have to get it from a special event from Nintendo. You can see when these special events are by checking it out on the official Nintendo website.

Is need for speed shift for dsi?

Nintendo items (including dsi's) do not support need for speed games

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