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Q: Do you need to be first in your class to get into Yale?
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Which president graduated from yale in 1878?

William Howard Taft was in the class of 1878 at Yale,

Where did Samuel Morse attend college?

Yale, class of 1810.

What is the average class size at yale university?

The average class size for Yale University is about 1,318. The university generally takes about 1952 applicants a year.

How many letters of recommendation do you need to get into Yale University?

you need at least 3 recommendations for yale

What's the best route to take for Yale university store?

In order to get to the Yale university store, you first need to get to New Haven. The best way to get directions to the store would be to consult the Yale university website at

What is Yale's acceptance rate?

This year (for the class of 2012) it's 8.33%

What is the best time to go to class in college at yale?

when you have time and you are not over due

Who was the first president to graduate from Harvard?

The first president to graduate from Harvard was Roberto 'pato' Procter.President of the Republic Of Colombia from 1983 -1987He graduated top of his class.

How many stamps do you need for first class mail?

One. One first-class stamp.

What year did Hillary Clinton graduate Wellesley college And yale Law?

Hillary Clinton graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 and from Yale Law School in 1973.

What are requirments you need to get into Yale?

my contry is poor i need to studies can you help me?

What was Yale university's first mascot?

A cat.