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Do you need to contact your insurance company If someone scratch your car and you have his policy number?


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If you intend to file the claim against the other persons policy then no you don't have to call your company. As long as the other company is accepting liability for the damage then there is no reason to involve your own company.


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Contact your insurance company imediately.

Your insurance company first, then, the police for a report.

Contact the insurance company. Someone at their office will give you that information.

There are several ways a person can contact the American Vehicle Insurance Company. You can contact them by telephone or through post mail. Searching through your local yellow or white pages will provide you with the contact information you need.

If you have liability for an accident, you will need to contact your insurance company. If you do not have liability insurance, you may need to pay for the accident out of pocket.

It depends. In MOST cases, the insurance company will have someone (called an adjuster) assess the damage on your car and write an estimate. After that, your insurance company will contact you on which bodyshop you want the work done at OR sometimes they will pick one for you. The company will then contact the shop who will in turn contact you giving you the ok to bring the car in once they have the approval from the insurance company to begin body work.

Contact your homeowner's insurance company immediately and notify them of your situation.

I would call the person who hit you. Tell them you are calling your insurance company about it and tell them they need to call their insurance as well. That should start the process.

All the police and report it stolen, contact the Department of motor vehicles and your insurance company.

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call your insurance company file a the dmv for your state, trace the owner......

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Yes, as long as you inform the insurance company.

you would have to call the your insurance company but if the person has insurance it should be fine. I know my insurance company covers me for everything its based on the company you are with.

Contact the office of the insurance commission for your state. They will have a fraud department.

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