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Nope, to play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn you only need the game and a DS. it is probably more fun if you also played Golden Sun2: The Lost Age.

ME: I did play it! XD Of Course! It's just that I don't have the game anymore and the 2 gameboy games could connect to each other-well i dont wanna talk alot but u get the point! XD So I was just asking:P Thnks fer the answer :D

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Q: Do you need to have Golden Sun 2 in order to play Golden Sun DS?
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Can you play Golden Sun Dark Dawn on PC?

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, as with any other DS game, cannot be legally played on PC.

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Why do you need the roc feather in golden sun dark dawn?

Hello, You don't need it in golden sun dark dawn, It is a quest item for the next game. Just like the shaman rod in the first 2 games. I hope this answered ur qeustion. :)

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