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You need a control for any experiment. It doesn't sound like this particular experiment is of the utmost importance but it's a good habit to get into if you plan more important ones. I have no idea what the control would be.

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Q: Do you need to have a control for an experiment on which place is the dirtiest in the house?
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What is the controlled experiment in a science experiment?

The control in a science experiment is the same thing as a constant. It is something that you keep the same the entire experiment. For example if you were testing how various locations affect temperature your constants would be the thermometer you used and the time for measuring the temperature. If you don't have a constant than your experiment results won't be accurate.

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What is the control condition?

While conducting an experiment, it is important to have a experimental control. Suppose you are conducting an experiment to determine what factors affect the rate of evaporation of water. If you want to determine if presence of wind affects evaporation, you can take two containers of water and place one in a windy place and the other in a place with no wind. However all other factors should be identical like surface area of containers, surrounding temperature, liquid quantity and temperature etc. Hence, the need for a controlled experiment is to eliminate bias and to ensure that the data is valid.