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yes, you do need to have flexibility.

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Q: Do you need to have flexibility in aerobics?
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What are the objectives of aerobics?

The objectives of aerobics are to help improve overall fitness; this includes strength, flexibility, and cardio.

If your aerobically fit you can?

If you are aerobically fit, you can improve on your strength and flexibility. Aerobics is part rhythmic movement and part stretching.

Why do PE teachers make us do step aerobics?

Many P.E. teachers find that interacting in aerobics will help to build up your strength and flexibility. This is very true because i work out every day using arobics and this method of working out does help to increase my inward flexibility and strength.

What is arobics?

Aerobics is a type of exercise. It incorporates rhythmic movements with stretching. This type of exercise helps improve strength and flexibility.

What sport uses flexibility?

In gymnastics you need to use flexibility.

Can you do water aerobics in deep water?

Yes, but you need an aquabelt.

Is golf a flexibility exercise?

No, golf does not need flexibility. More on your arm's strength.

What water Fitness equipment do I need?

Resistance equipment is not necessary for water aerobics but it can be very beneficial. You can you balls and barbells as equipment for water aerobics.

Why does a rugby player need flexibility?

Rugby players need flexibility to move around. This sport needs a lot of flexibility to move around other players in the game.

What are some exercises for osteoporosis?

Optimal exercises for osteoporosis are strength training, aerobics combined with weight lifting, flexibility, and stability exercises. These will help most people.

What does flexibility have to do with gymastics?

Flexibility has to do with gymnastics a great deal for example a front walkover you need back flexibility and leg flexibility just for one simple skill.

Is weightlifting aerobics?

No, weight lifting is not aerobics.

Examples of aerobics and non aerobics exercises?

non aerobic endurance is where you need to keep farting for a long period of time without stopping or the pain will kill you

Why do footballers need flexibility?

Flexibility is needed in order to turn quickly and is needed for certain tackles.

What do I need for my pool aerobics class?

You need water slippers to keep from slipping on the bottom of the pool floor.

Why does yoga need flexibility?

because it is dumb

What type of fluid do you need for flexibility?


Why do cricket player need flexibility?

i have no idea

What is a aerobics certification?

An aerobics certification is basically a license an aerobics instructor or a personal trainer acquires to validate and prove there knowledge twords the skill of aerobics.

How is flexibility used in football?

flexibility is used in football because you need to dive for the ball to save a shot

Why does a football player need flexibility?

They need flexibility in their hips mostly. Flexibility refers to the ability to move a joint and the surrounding mucles through a full range of motion. Flexibility is critical in football because of the joint stress associated with dynamic multi-joint movements.

Do you need flexibility in swimming?

Not really, after all, you are never really touching your toes while swimming. Although, if you are joining a swim team you might practice flexibility in dryland. Evan then you will not need to have a whole lot of flexibility.

What sports need flexibility?

Ant physical sport takes at least a little flexibility. For example a firstbaseman in base man need to strech out to get the baseball.

How is womens gymnastics played in the Olympics?

It is played by flexibility, strenght and confidence. you have to have a flexible body to be in gymnastics. You need to be healthy and strong. You need flexibility and confidence.

What helps to lose weight faster aerobics or yoga?