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Yes, you will still have to pay child support because you are the mother or father of the child, and that makes you still pay child support.

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2009-07-21 03:15:53
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Q: Do you need to pay child support if you have an intervention order stopping you from seeing the child?
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Do you have to pay maintenance for your child when the mother is stopping you from seeing him?

Yes your child's dependance on your support does not change because you have a disagreement with your ex.

Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?

Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?"

How do you file to continue the garnishment of retirement pay for child support?

The question that would arise first is why it would be stopping if child support is still owed?

Is the father still entitled to seeing the child even if he is not paying court ordered child support?

Yes, child support and visitation are independent of one another.

Who initiates the stopping of child support when the child is 18 or out of high school?

Properly, the obligor should to be safe. see link

What is the Indiana State law on stopping child support?

Indiana state law. Says that if child has reached the age of 19 years or has been emancipated. Or is married or in the armed services .Child support can be stopped.

Can a mother keeps a child away from father and force him to pay child support?

of course not the father if he wanted to can keep seeing his child the mother can not do that it is the fathers child to furthermore the father will have to pay child support no matter what

Can a mother deny visitation rights if father not paying child support?

No she cannot. If the court order needs to be changed it has to be done in the court where it was issued. She is breaking the court order if she is trying to stop him from seeing his child or the child from seeing the parent. Child support and visitation are two separate issues.

What is the process for stopping child support for my eighteen year old daughter?

The depends on whether child support in your state stops at that time. Only a few states do. see links below

You want to keep seeing your child and pay child support even after 18 years old?

Keep seeing is dependent of the age of majority in the specific state. Though some states require child support until age 21, in the others, it would be voluntary.

Can a mom stop the dad from seeing his daughter if he cant pay child support?

Absolutely not!

How do you force a noncustodial father to sign over rights if he is not seeing the child or paying child support?

You don't. He has his rights as well.

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