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Do you need to remove the fuel tank to change the fuel pump on a 1994 dodge grand caravan or is there an access panel?


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2006-05-20 05:39:06
2006-05-20 05:39:06

nope have to take off the tank

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The only way to change it is to remove the fuel tank to get access to it.

Remove the complete windshield wiper assembly tray, then you can access the alternator for r&r.

It is in front of the drivers front tire. You have to remove the inner fender liner to access.

Remove the alternator. The rest will then be obvious.

remove front of engine and remove timing belt It runs the pump

It is located in front of the left front tire. You have to remove the fender liner to access.

Should be located in the fuelk tank- may have to remove for access

on my 1990 with 3.0 L, behind starter. remove starter to access unit

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Unless there is an access panel above the fuel pump inside the vehicle, you must remove the fuel tank in order to replace the fuel pump.

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To remove the armrest in a 2002 Dodge Caravan, locate the bolts holding it in place. Remove the bolts and carefully life the armrest off the seat.

Go to the dodge place and ask THEM to remove it

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The 2000 Dodge Caravan alternator can be changed by removing the alternator belt. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the alternator. Loosen and remove the alternator retaining bolts. Install the new alternator by reversing the process.

1-Remove old on 2-Replace with new one

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Same way as the 01 Dodge grand caravan listed below, be really thin or remove the intake manifold....Im having the same issues it's not fun trust me.

Under the hood, way in back on the passengers side. Remove the wiper tray/assembly to gain easier access.

Remove the tray that holds the wiper motor assembly. This will give you the room needed to remove the alternator.

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