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It would probably be the smart thing to do because if you combine salt and chlorine, your pH level will be extremely low (very acidic)

I have to correct the above answer:::: That answ. may be partially right in that changing the water would not hurt especially if it has been more than 5 years since the water has been changed. The latter part of the answ. is what I question. "Salt water pools" have salt added in order to make chlorine. Adding chlor. by hand at a rate of a gallon at a time has a very minute effect on the pH of the pool. If anything it may raise it but seldom lower it. Adding chlor. via the salt system should also have minimal effects since it is added continually and at steady levels. The make up of the water - either acidic or alkaline can effect the chemistry. Plaster pools have a high demand for acid since there is lime in the plaster mix. HTH will have an effect on raising your pH since it is a calcium based product. Tab chlorine on the other hand can lower your pH levels because the pH of a tab is near 2.5 or3.0 --quite on the acid side.


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No, you only need to put in the salt and fit the salt water chlorinator. Salt water pools are chlorine pools they make it electronically by converting the chloride into chlorine in the pool

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No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

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No not alll. I had a chlorine system first. We transitioned to a salt system with no problems.

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Q: Do you need to replace the pool water when you convert a chlorine pool to salt water?
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Can you add a salt water system to an already chlorinated pool?

Yes, just install the chlorine generator and add the salt. Your new system will replace the need for residual chlorine.

Why do you need a chlorine generator?

If you have a salt water pool then the chlorine generator is there to convert the salt into chlorine to keep up the chlorine content of the pool. However if you don't have one of these or it is broken down you can always add chlorine directly to make up the shortfall until the necessary repairs are done.

How do you Convert pounds of chlorine to gallon?

You need to know the density of the chlorine which is affected by the temperature and pressure at which the chlorine is. Once you know the density, you can convert it using: density = mass/volume → volume = mass/density. You'll need to know the density in pounds per gallon.

If tap water is not good for goldfish what kind of water do you suggest Bottled water Distilled water?

You need to buy a chlorine-free bottle, to get rid of the chlorine from the water. Since no fish can live inside chlorine. And chlorine is mixed with tap water.

What jobs would need to know about chlorine?

The jobs that will need to know about chlorine are jobs that deal with the water flow.

How can you remove chlorine from well Water?

You would need to install a water filtration system that also removes Chlorine from the water. Well water normally does not have chlorine it it so the source of the contamination would need to be determined and removed, or a new well drilled.

Do you need chlorine tablets in pool?

If you want the water to stay clean and disease-free, than dont NEED to use chlorine tablets. you can use the other kinds of chlorine there are.

Does metal free take out chlorine?

No, metal-free does not have the ability to remove chlorine from water. Metal-free is typically a product used to sequester or bind metal ions in the water to prevent staining or other issues. To remove chlorine from water, you would need to use a chlorine neutralizer or a water filtration system that is designed to remove chlorine.

Why does your hayward chlorine feeder leak?

You need to replace the "O" ring inside the lid of the feeder.

How do you convert a Bacqucil pool to chlorine?

It,s easy. Just Shock your pool with a chlorine shock and then make sure the chlorine level is where you need it to be. It, more involved if you go from Chlorine to Bacqucil. but why would you want to Bacqucil is so much nicer and easier.

What would happen if we didn't have chlorine in the body?

Chlorine is not nutrient we need in our body, like other vitamins. Chlorine is needed to keep diseases out of water.

How do you detect chlorine in water?

you'll need a water test kit or dip stick test.