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no need to replace wheel bearing unless the wheel bearing is worn out

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Q: Do you need to replace the wheel bearing when replacing brake discs on a mark 4 golf gti?
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Why do a 1997 Trans Am wheel squeek even after replacing brakes and discs?

Try replacing your brake calipers.

How do you stop front brake vibration on a 1997 ford escort?

replace front brake discs and pads.

What is the average life of brake discs?

On my 2007 Sonata I had to replace the brake pads and rotors at 57000 miles.

How do you replace front brake discs on Audi a4?

By going to the nearest service!

How much does it cost to replace Mazda 3 MPS brake pads and discs?

Just cost me $1000, apparently they are not allowed to machine the discs?!!

When can you change brake pads?

Whenever you want to but once your brakes start squeaking that means your brake pads are low or your discs/drums are wrapped and need to be skimmed or replacing

Why would your jimmy make a clicking grinding sound from the passenger side wheel?

1. A duff drive axle at the end where it joins the drive hub 2. Collapsed wheel bearing (replace both sides) 3. Might need to replace brake discs and rotors

Do you have to replace senor when doing your discs and pads?

I am going to presume that you mean the sensor. Well, there are wear sensors that are always replaced when replacing brake pads. Now, ABS sensors usually do not requre replacement unless they go bad.

How do you change brake pads and discs on peugeot 106?

Changing brake discs and pads is very easy and will take less than an hour on most vehicles. Modern pads and discs are much the same to replace on most cars. Car Parts Direct have a five minute video to show you how to replace your brakes. They also have discounted brakes you can buy online.

Where can one purchase brake discs?

One can purchase brake discs from a variety of stores. Stores such as AutoAnything, eBay, GSF Car Parts, Auto Parts Warehouse, and Walmart sell brake discs.

How many discs does a 2013 Camaro hold?

Depends on what kind of "discs" you're referring to... (compact discs? brake discs?)

Need definitive answer for two discs stuck in 2002 focus wagon 8167267301?

What disc's are you referring too? If you are referring to Brake disc's, then it is probably the caliber and your brake system is contaminated with moisture. You need to flush the brake system, replace all brake fluid, and replace any defective parts. Any calibers that are sticking need to be replaced. It can also be the slide pins on the disc brakes that are corroded and need replacing. A complete brake system service that is done correctly will repair this problem.

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