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Actually, in order to stimulate fruit growth you can strike your tree or you can have another fruit sit on top of your tree and that should stimulate growth in your "fruit".


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they need this to stimulate the overall growth i think...

A high extent. The more the people the more food you will need. Therefore population growth with stimulate an increase in food supply as it will be needed.

The seeds need nutrients for their growth during development inside the fruit and on ripening & drying they need water for sprouting and germination.

Most seeds are damaged by direct sun and the majority need moisture, warmth, and darkness to stimulate growth. A few species of seeds need light to aid germination, but not necessarily direct sun.

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The following of instructions is the precaution that gardeners need to take so as to have a chemical fertilizer concentration high enough to stimulate plant growth without damaging roots. The container has information on the ingredients. It also has information on the preparation of the ingredients. The desired effects only can be achieved by proper attention to preparation and application.

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Plants need water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil. Without all three of these, they will not grow. Potted fruit plants have restricted growth because the roots can't absorb natural nutrients from the soil.

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Plants need:Sunlight, water and soil to make photosynthesis and growth.

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