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Do you need to use a heater to breed betta fish?


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No they don't i had Betta fish for 2 years and never used a heater to breed them.

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Both "Albino" and "Pied" are simply variants in color of a species. As long as the Betta fish you want to breed share the same genus, they can breed.... if i need to make that clearer, YES they can breed. :)

Betta fish do not need heaters to live. But I live by the term of surviving isn't thriving. Meaning your Betta fish may live without a heater, but it is in your fishes best interest to have a heater. Betta's prefer temperatures of 78* - 82*. They are Tropical fish so they like warm waters. If you are planning on buying a heater I recommend a submerge able shatter proof heater with instant shut off.

of course you do you need the fish to have WATER because every fish in the world needs water so the betta fish needs it to,to live so the betta fish does need a FILTER

Likely yes. Most sucker fish need a filter and heater though, and most betta's are housed without these things.

You can, and you can live in a closet, but neither is recommended. The smallest size tank for a healthy betta is a 5 gallon with heater and filter. Bettas need a consistent temperature of about 80 degrees.

Betta fish can be kept in either a tank or a bowl.

yes but it would need a heater as they are both tropical fish and you would need to change the water alot.

Well, Yes and no. Betta do like LIGHT to be able to distinguish night and day, they also need the warmth, but you can use a heater. betta fish do need light, but it is not good to keep a betta in direct sunlight as it may increase the temperature byy far too much. so just keep it in light at day, or get a lamp.

A small fish bowl should be fine for one betta fish.

Betta fish live in water that is 20 or 22 degree C.I know so because I have my own Betta fish.

NO They need totally different conditions. A clawed frog needs a vivarium and a Betta needs a minimum of a filled 3 gallon tank with a heater and filter.

There is no need to remove them. The fish is building his nest and is ready to breed he will only make more.

hi the only fish you can keep in a bowl with out a fiiter and a heater is the buitiful BETTA they can have it but they dont need it. My betta actually hates heaters and filters he love just water. Gold fish need filters but bettas are really hardy and just never put two males togeter the will fight . Hope this helps :)

Yes and No. The betta will make a bubble nest, but it is helpful to the betta to have the bottom half a styrofoam cup in the tank for the betta to build it on, it would most likely build one anyway if there was a place to build one though. Good luck!

The only thing that I would do, is put the fish in a shallow tank, bettas do not need deep water, with a heater with a temp not over 80 degrees and see what happens.

Betta fish are born in Asia and do not need a filter to live! Just clean their tank once a week.

in order for a betta to live with glo fish there needs to be at least 6 glo fish. they also need to be in the tank for at least an hour before the betta is put in the tank.

No not necessarily, I have a betta fish and it lives without a filter and its been 1 or 2 months now. A Beta fish can live without a filter because of a labyrinth in it's lungs that allows it to breath surface air. However a heater is required to maintain the water temperature at between 75-80 degrees, betas can live without it, but they don't live as long. A heater will maintain a healthy Beta better than a filter. But if you have an aquarium with other fish. You need a filter for the other fish.

It is best that all fish have a filter besides Betta fish. Betta fish don't need filters cause the filter pushes them over with their big fins. Goldfish should have a filter on there tank because they are often overfed. If you have a filter you won't have to change the water as often. The only fish that shouldn't have a filer in captivity are Betta fish.

You should feed your betta fish about 6 days a week, and never too much food. An overfed betta is an unhealthy one

betta fish are pretty easy to take care of. water small tank, a plant and a light. and betta food

The best water to keep your betta fish in is water from the tap that has been treated with a dechlorinatior. This removes harmful chemicals from the water but leaves behind all the minerals that betta fish need.

fish who don't need filtersGuppies don't need a filter.Betta fish can live without a filter.

No, Betta fish are well adapted to living in low oxygen environments. An air pump can be used, but not required.

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