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Insurance laws vary from state to state so you need to check your policy. Generally speaking, liability coverage extends from the vehicle pulling the trailer but physical damage does not. This means that if you back a trailer of any kind into someone elses vehicle at a gas station your auto insurance will cover the damage done to the other persons vehicle but not damage to the trailer, boat, camper, whatever. You need to purchase a policy for the trailer if you want coverage for it but if you are only concerned with liability you need not buy the extra policy. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Georgia and have for 22 years. I also was an agent for a direct writer insurance company for 3 years prior.

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Q: Do you need trailer insurance when pulling a trailer or does car insurance cover it?
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Do I need to have travel trailer insurance, or will my auto insurance cover the trailer as well?

Your auto insurance covers the trailer as well so there is no need for travel trailer insurance.

Do you need insurance for small utility trailer?

Insurance laws vary by state. In all the states I am aware of the liability would cover the trailer from the vehicle pulling it but physical damage does not. If you do not have a need to cover it for physical damage then no insurance is needed for the trailer. Be aware that it is not covered for damage to the trailer whether being towed or parked in the yard. Hope this helped. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

Do I need to purchase insurance for a Trailer Rental?

As long as you are pulling a trailer (like a boat trailer or horse trailer), and it is hitched to an insured vehicle, as a rule you aren't required to carry extra coverage. If it's an RV motorized trailer, then you need coverage just like any vehicle.

Do you need boat trailer insurance in NJ?

if you pulling a triler on a hyway and it breaks free who is responcable for the damage the tralier may cause.

Does car insurance cover towing travel trailer in Texas?

It's always best to get an additional "rider" on your auto insurance when towing a travel trailer, especially one that you don't own. If you do own such a trailer, you would already have insurance on it and would not need the "rider" attachment.

Do you need insurance on camp trailers in WA?

No, you don't need insurance, its optional. Anything that you attach to your vehicle is only covered by your liability insurance on your vehicle. If you want to cover your camp trailer, you must add it to your insurance. If you decide that your camp trailer needs insurance and would like a quote, chat with me online at from 10-5pm.

Do you need insurance on a homemade trailer over 1000lbs?

No. In my state, You just need Insurance on the car or truck towing the trailer

What kind of insurance do you need for a truck and trailer for a horse transportaion business?

You need a commerical auotmobile policy to covere the vehicle and trailer. Additionally, you will need a General Liability policy that coveres "other peoples goods and property" to cover the horses.

Do you need a cdl to drive a cmv pulling a trailer?

Anything defined as a CMV will require a CDL, regardless. So if it's pulling a trailer, yes, it will require a CDL.

Does a tractor need a headache rack when pulling a low boy trailer?


What are the requirements for getting insurance on a travel trailer?

Getting travel insurance is similar to getting car insurance. Normally you are required to give your name, and address along with all the information about the travel trailer you are insuring. Any paper work you have on the travel trailer would be helpful. You will also need to know things like where it is kept and how often you will use it. You will have to decide upon just what you will want covered as there are many choices and sometimes the travel trailer may be covered by the vehicle that is pulling it.

Is a work trailer cover by homeowners insurance?

A trailer is not covered under a homeowners policy whether or not it is used for work. You need to purchase a seperate policy to cover this type of property for physical damage coverage. While it is being towed and attached to a vehicle the laibility coverage from the vehicle extends to the trailer so if you back it into someone's car the towing vehicle's liability insurance will pay for the damage done to the other person's car.