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In New York, businesses owned by one individual with no employees, no unpaid volunteers or subcontractors, and is not a corporation are exempt from workman's compensation. You are also exempt from workmen's compensation if you are self-employed and own all of the stock of the company, with no additional employees.

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Q: Do you need workmen's compensation if you are the only employee and self-employed in New York?
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Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion

What is the New York State Workers Compensation Board's address?

There are two different locations of the New York State Workers Compensation Board, both of which are in New York. One is located on Broadway and the other is located on Park Street.

Do you have to let workmen's compensation know that you got married if you are receiving workmen's compensation?

It does mot matter in New York State, not sure about other states.

What is the workmans compensation mileage reimbursement rate for New York State?


Do you have to pay tax to New York if you receive unemployment compensation from them in a year that you have no New York earnings?

Yes, taxes come out of everything!

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Where can one find information on NYS workers compensation?

The best place to go to find out about New York State workers compensation would be your local workers compensation branch. You can mail your local government to find out better information on the subject.

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In New York State can you collect short term disability and workmans compensation at the same time?

Yes, but you must claim your Workers Compensation benefits and they may reduce disability benefits accordingly.

If a company pays into workmens comp for you but issues you a 1099 are you an employee or an independent contractor?

In the state of New York do I have to carry workmans comp for 1099 independent conractors Just because a company pays into WC for you doesn't make you an employee. Many states are "ladder states," meaning liability follows up the ladder until someone can pay. In Texas, General Contractors are required to carry Comp for their subcontractors (who are 1099 workers) who don't have it, or remain liable if they don't (since TX is the voluntary Comp state.) For New York, inquire of the NY State WC Board, 518.474.6670, but I think your answer is yes, if they don't have it.

What must a potential employee pass in order to be empolyeed by the government?

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What states allow consent to rate for Workers' Compensation?

Florida, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts

How many minutes can an employee be late for work in New York State?

There is no law addressing this topic, so how many minutes an employee is allowed to be late depends on the employer.

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Does employer have to provide a contract employee a warning letter on performance prior to terminating employee in New York?

There is no requirement that they provide you a warning letter. Most employees are at will and can be terminated at any time.

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Disastrous industrial fire of 1911 that spurred workmen's compensation laws and some state regulation of wages in New York?

Triangle Shirtwaste Fire

Can you collect unemployment and workers compensation in New York?

You receive workers compensation because you are unable to work. Under item 2. of the Related Link below, you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits if you are unable to work. It can't be had both ways or it may be unemployment fraud.

What is the minimum wage for New York employment?

The minimum wage for an employee in New York is $7.25 per hour. This rate is modified for certain provisions, such as a lower wage for those who earn tips?

Disastrous industrial fire of 1911 that spurred workmen's compensation laws and some state regulation of wages and hours in new york?

Triangle Shirtwaste Fire

Who is Nicole terrana?

Nicole Terrana is an AT&T Mobility employee who resides in the state of New York. She attended Niagara community college.