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Yes, otherwise the cervix would be plugged and you could not get pregnant.

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Q: Do you only have mucus plugs when you are pregnant?
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Do pregnant dogs have a mucus plugs?

Yes. Just like humans, this is what seals the cervix until time for labor.

How many mucus plugs is there?

2, i think

Are you pregnant when cervical mucus stops a day after ovulation?

No, you often get excess cervical mucus when you are pregnant anyway

Why has my cervical mucus stopped completely - Am I pregnant?

Yes, you are probably pregnant

Are you pregnant if the only symptom you have is yellow mucus discharge and what is this?

this is not a usual sign that you are pregnant this could be many reasons why you get this. you should get in touch with your doctor and talk to them about this problem.

You missed your period by 3 days and you have watery cervical mucus could you be pregnant?

If you have been sexually active over the past month you could be pregnant. There usually is an increase in cervical mucus when you are pregnant. But to be sure get a home pregnant test at the drugstore.

What kind of fluid is discharged if you are pregnant?

Clear Vaginal Mucus

Does the body produce cervical mucus when pregnant?

yes it does that.your body creates a mucus plug when your pregnant and some times peices fall off as long as you dont have a golf ball size glob of mucus come out of your vagina its ok.

Does watery cervical mucus mean you are pregnant?

Although cervical mucus may become abundant in pregnancy due to the presence of hormones cervical mucus will not indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If your period is late you may test for pregnancy,otherwise it is impossible to predict whether you are pregnant or not.All the best and good luck!

How do you relate the clear sticky mucus on the day you were to expect your menstrual flow?

Well if you are getting that instead of your period you might be pregnant. When you are pregnant that's about all you get is mucus. You will not bleed for nine months.

No cervical mucus just before period means not pregnant?

no true

Do any animals have Mucus?

Yes, but only a few animals have mucus.

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