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What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

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Q: Do you performing dolphin speed through the water and hit a rubber ball originally at rest describe what happens to the velocity of the dolphin and the ball?
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How do you describe a dolphin?

you describe a dolphin by it's pointy nose and by knowing where the blow hole is which is right on the top of there head.

What are some nouns that describe a dolphin?

Nouns are not describing words, adjectives are the words that describe nouns. The word dolphin is a noun.Some adjectives that describe the noun dolphins:wildaquaticintelligentgracefulacrobaticpowerfulcarnivorous

What are some adjectives that describe dolphins?

3 adgetives that describe dolphin

Could you describe a dolphin using adjectives?


What is a word that starts with a d to describe a dolphin?


Describe an external characteristic of a dolphin and explain how the characteristics help the dolphin survive?

Bottle nose, fins, tongue

Describe what a dolphin looks like?

a dolphin looks like a shark except it is much more friendly and has a blow hole from kelvin

Is dolphin a male or a female?

"Dolphin" is just the overall term used to describe that type of species of marine mammal. A female dolphin is actually called a "cow" and a male dolphin is called a "bull" much like cows. A baby dolphin is called a "calf" or "calves" for multiples babies.

How did dolphins originally get the name dolphin?

Dolphin is derived from the the Greek word for dolphin, dolphis, which was derived from the Greek word for womb, delphus. The animals name can then be translated as meaning "a 'fish' with a womb." Of course, we are talking about a marine mammal and not a fish.

What is an example of a velocity word problem?

These problems are concerned with speed and distance.One example of a velocity word problem could be; "If a dolphin swims at 2.6 miles per hour, how far will it have traveled in 40 minutes?".

How would you describe a dolphin?

because you have the big fine that's a dolphin like this a big strong dolphin its my favcourite dolphin everlike that what ive down for you bye from tiegan Tavemer Dont listen to this idiot above me how you would describe it is that it has some black and grey the black is on its tail and flippers and the grey on the face and the rest of the body

Do you have to touch fish to train dolphin?

Yes, because fish are used in training captive dolphins as a positive reinforcement for performing the correct task.

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