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Yes, in American English, commas always go inside quotation marks, regardless of how many titles are in the sentence. For example: "I listened to 'Shape of You,' 'Despacito,' and 'Havana' on the radio yesterday."

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Q: Do you put a comma inside a quotation mark on song titles when there is more than one in a sentence?
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Do you put the comma inside the quotation marks if you are using a phrase?

In American English, if the phrase is part of the quotation, the comma goes inside the quotation marks. For example: He said, "I will be there soon."

Is an exclamation point inside quotation marks followed by a comma?

In American English, an exclamation point should be placed inside quotation marks, followed by a comma if necessary: He shouted, "Stop!" In British English, the exclamation point would be placed outside of the quotation marks: He shouted, "Stop"!

Can a sentence that has original statement with quotation marks have a comma?

Yes, a sentence with a quoted statement can have a comma outside the quotation marks if the comma is not part of the original quoted material. For example: She said, "I will be there tomorrow."

Does a comma still go inside the end quotation mark if the quotations are indicating a book title?

In American English, the comma should be placed inside the end quotation mark when the quotation is followed by a comma. This rule applies regardless of whether the quotation is for a book title or other quoted material.

Do you need a comma after a quotion mark?

Depends, really. If you're inserting the title of a novel, then yes. If you're inserting a quote and still continuing with the the sentence, then yes. If you're at the end of the sentence, then all you need is a period.

A sentence that has an original statement with quotation marks may also have a comma?


Where does the comma go after the quotation marks of thanks you?

The comma goes inside the quotation marks in American English, but outside in British English. So, in American English, it would be "thanks," you.

Can you close a quotation with a comma?

No, a quotation should be closed with a punctuation mark such as a period, question mark, or exclamation point, depending on the context of the sentence. A comma should not be used to close a quotation.

Does the comma go before or after the quotation marks if it's in the middle of the sentence and if it's the title of an article?

The comma goes before the closing quotation mark when it's part of the title of an article within a sentence, as in "The New York Times," reported on the topic.

How many times do you space between a quotation mark?

Zero times you just put it right after the last letter then make a comma if its not the last letter of the sentence but if it is just put the pierod exct. inside the quotation mark.

Does a comma still go inside the quotation marks if it is indicating a song?

If the comma is a part of the title, it would stay exactly where you found it.

Does a comma come after or before a quotation mark?

In American English punctuation rules, a comma typically comes before the closing quotation mark when the comma is part of the overall sentence. In British English, the comma comes after the closing quotation mark.