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Q: Do you put leggings over or under leotards?
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Are gymnastic leotards the same as swimming suit?

There are several fabrics used in leotards. If you have a nylon leotard, than the fabric is the same as in a swimsuit. As long as the leotard style is a tank (sleeveless), than it is basically the same. The only difference would be that the leotards tend to have more coverage on the back, as swimsuits are usually more open.

What do gymnasts wear under their leotards?

In gymnastics the girls wear leotards. you can also wear biketards which are leotards with shorts connected or a tight cami with bikers. the coaches would purfer the girls to wear leotards because on bars in you are doing flyaways and you peel they will grab your shirt it will come off. i know this from seeing it happen that is why i wear leotards. the guys normally wear a T-shirts and basketball shorts to practice.I coach the boys squad at our local gym and my boys all wear blue nylon lycra leotards. The mini squad (under 6) wear nylon lycra cycle shorts over the top and the older boys wear nylon lycra gym shorts (these are like soccer shorts but alot shorter)Put your hair up, wear short shorts and a tank top.

Is being forced into leotards punishment?

It depends. It's punishment if what happens is what my wife did to me. She put me into leotards once and we were out and she made me go into stores in a leotard. On the last stop about a mile from home she left me there and I had to walk home in leotards and tights.

When should you wear leggings?

Wear leggings on any normal day. you could wear them to the beach and put a skirt or shorts over them. You could where them to a party underneath a dress. Or you could wear them with your night gown.

Can you put leggings in the washer?

you can either wash by hand,or put in to delicates

Can a boy wear a girls leotard?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Male dancers wear leotards, so you might want to check with a store that sells leotards for men. Male leotards are made differently than women's leotards, and would fit them correctly.

How do put on armor in Minecraft?

Open the inventory by pressing e, and then put the armor on those 4 slots on the top left. Helmet on top, chestplate below, leggings under that and boots at the bottom.

How do you put a skirt over pants in the game imagine fashion designer New York?

The pants are technically leggings. When you dress the model in the closet they are with the shoes.

How do you take off your leggings in woozworld?

You can't, just put on a shorter skirt

How do you put a harness on a iguana?

Put it over its head and then under his legs

How do you make iron leggings on minecraft?

you put it like this i is iron put it in the crafting bench i i i i e i i e i e is for empty

Should you put a mattress pad over a memory foam mattress topper or under or not at all?

If you put it over the memory foam, it get hot whiels you sleep so i say put it under