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Do you really need to floss?

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Yes, you need to floss. Once a day. Twice if you want to be really good (the basic recommendation is to floss once a day and brush twice a day).

Brushing alone does not clean between your teeth. The reason you want to do it every day is that bacteria begins to colonize and start damaging your teeth within 24 hours.

Rinse your mouth after flossing to spit out the bacteria and food particles.

Dentists recommend flossing daily, because flossing is proven to remove plague between teeth to help prevent gum disease.

2015-07-15 18:27:37
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yes, you may very well buy mint free floss as well as mint floss. yes, you may very well buy mint free floss as well as mint floss.

What is glide floss?

Glide floss, now called Crest Glide floss, is a dental floss made of ePTFE ( Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene); it is used for cleaning between teeth.

How do you floss with braces?

you put the floss under the wire and carefully floss between your teeth to all your teeth but do it carefully.

What is a floss holder?

Floss holder and dental floss sticks come in either a "knife" shape or a "Y"shape.

What are the advantages of waxed floss versus unwaxed floss?

A wax floss is smoother and therefore will be less damaging to your gums.

Which floss is best for teeth that are really, really close together?

String Crest unwaxed offers the best cleaning for teeth that are tight together.

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If you don't have braces, then dentists recommend using a floss string that's 18 inches long everytime you floss. Since that's too long, wrap the ends of the string around two fingers, one end for one hand and the other end for the other hand, to make the string shorter. For better results, keeping using a different spot of the floss to floss your teeth. If you have braces, you won't need to wrap the ends around your fingers, because the wires will be in your way.

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To floss, take floss and run it through your teeth. You want to run it between your teeth so that you get everything out from in between your teeth.

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