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Do you see new Pokemon first in Pokemon diamond?

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Yes. The pokemon you battle with your starter when you "save" Prof. Rowan is a Starly, and you can find other Starly and Shinx and Bidoof on the route above your hometown.

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Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 108 on diamond pokedex?

SPRITOMB you can see it in the elite four.Champion Cynthia has it.It is her first pokemon.

How can you see all of the Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

The only way you can see all the Pokemon on diamond is by going into the GTS and global trade different Pokemon.

Where can you see an golem on Pokemon Diamond?

You can see a Golem in the Pokemon League

Were to find the national pokedex on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

Where to see lumineon in Pokemon diamond version?

A Pokemon

In Pokemon diamond to receive the national dex do you have to catch every Pokemon?

No all you have to do is SEE the first 150 Pokemon then you shall get the national dex..

When you are at battle tower in Pokemon diamond do the Pokemon you see count?

The Pokemon you see do not go in your pokedex.

Can you migrate Pokemon from ruby to diamond?

yes you can migrate from ruby to diamond but you have to beat all the gym leaders on ruby first before you migrate. see ya & Pokemon rocks

In Pokemon diamond where can you see a barbaroach?

=== === === ===

What do you do when you see every Pokemon on diamond?

fight every trainer or TRAVEL that's what your journey is about travling to new places and discovering Pokemon

Can you see all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you cannot see every Pokémon in the National Dex in Pokémon Diamond however you can see every Pokémon in the regional Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Diamond.

Is Pokemon pearl better than Pokemon diamond?

AnswerWell they are both exactly the same except from your first legendary Pokemon On the box of Diamond you see Dialga and on the box of Pearl you see PalkiaNow Dialga is better than Palkia in my opinionIf you like Dialga get Diamond and if you like Palkia get Pearl(I have both and I like Diamond better)

What kinds of Pokemon are in diamond?

the Pokemon in diamond are sinnoh Pokemon i suggest to see all of them

Pokemon diamond where od you see Garchomp for the pokedex?

You see it in the Pokemon league The champion has it

How many Pokemon are there in the Sinnoh pokedex on diamond?

for diamond and pearl there are 150 Pokemon u need to see . in plat nium u neeed to see 210 Pokemon.

What Pokemon can you see with the Pokemon radar on Pokemon Diamond?

u cant see them u see white sparkels and that's where the Pokemon r

Is there a way to get mewto on Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot see it in the wild in Pokemon Diamond; you have to transfer it from FireRed/LeafGreen.

What is the difference between Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon black?

In terms of generation, Diamond is generation 4, while Black is generation 5. This means a new region and a whole new set of Pokemon. Diamond is also different in the fact that you can see old Pokemon and new Pokemon throughout the game, while Black only lets you see Pokemon of the National Pokedex after you beat the Elite Four. Black also has more 3D-ish graphics and a more visual battle system. In other words, Diamond is old, and was released about 5 years ago, while Black is new and was released this year.

How do you see your missions in Pokemon diamond?

you can't

Pokemon Diamond how to get National Dex?

you have to see all the Pokemon in the pokedeks

How do you get the national deck on Pokemon diamond?

you have to see all the Pokemon in sinnoh.

Where do you SEE treeko mudkip or torchick in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to migrate it and u have to have the national pokedex in Pokemon diamond

Can you trade a Pokemon not in the Sinnoh dex to a new game in Pokemon Diamond as in trading a ralts from Pokemon pearl or diamond to a new game in diamond?

yes its called migrating but in order to get your old Pokemon to get on your diamond you must first see all the Pokemon on diamond and peal. ounce you have all the Pokemon from d and p you have to put in your old gba game in the slot and at the start screen you will have the option to migrate the Pokemon. (you must have a original ds or a ds lite because the dsi does not have a gba slot)Jay1997 here. If u have ralts on a Pokemon diamond/pearl game, and not on another, then u don't need the national dex, just do a normal tradeI agree with Jay on this topic. i had a blaziken in my diamond version that had beat the game, and i traded it to my diamond version that hadn't beat the game yet, and all was fine

Where is Zapdos in Diamond?

you can trade it on Pokemon platinum or migrate it using other Pokemon games for gameboy.....simply insert both games in your ds and open your Pokemon diamond and on the bottom of the new game youll see migrate.....hope i helped

How do you know when a wild Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl is holding an item?

first go to a website called www.Pokemon then see all Pokemon that has items