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I do not personally, but yes, there is a single shot rifle that can have the rifle barrel replaced with a shotgun barrel.

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Q: Do you still make the gun with the interchangeable rifle and shotgun barrel?
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Does browning still make a rifle with 18 inch barrel?


What would an 1800's Springfield double barrel shotgun be worth?

depends on if it still works

Difference between a carbine and a assault rifle?

An assault rifle is a rifle that has more than 22'' inches of barrel and has selective firing rate, while the carbine rifle has a less 22'' inches barrel and semi automatic. ^^ Wrong.. An assault rifle is any select fire rifle that is chambered for an intermediate cartridge... Barrel length has nothing to do with it. The M16 has a 20" barrel length and is considered an assault rifle. The AK47 has a 16" barrel and is considered an assault rifle... Carbines that are select fire and chambered in an intermediate cartridge are still considered assault rifles.

What is difference between invector and invector plus choke tubes?

Invector was Brownings original choke tubes that came out in 1983. Invector Plus came along later for the back bored barrel shotguns. They are not interchangeable. Invector Plus= late model shotgun, Invector = earlier design shotgun. Both are still available for purchase.

Does the spiral pattern in a sniper rifle make a shot gun a non rifle?

ALL rifles have barrels that contain "rifling". This is usually in the form of spiral grooves cut into the inside of the barrel- a few have a non-round barrel, with flat surfaces that twist as you go up the barrel. At one time, ALL shotguns had smooth bores- no rifling. However, SOME shotguns now have barrels with rifling, used to shoot slugs. They are still not rifles, as they are meant to shoot shotgun shells.

Info on double barrel 410 model 410 fmj ducktown tn?

where can I can I buy the fmj double barrel 410 shotgun ? are they still available?

What is the difference between an airsoft rifle and an airsoft shotgun?

the difference between an airsoft rifle and an airsoft shotgun is that the rifle is going to have greater accuracy. The shot gun may be cooler looking but will lack this quality. Now some shotguns shoot more than one airsoft pellet at a time which is ok but i think the rifle beats it still with the accuracy. if you cant hit what you are aimimg at whats the point that is the difference between a rifle and a airsoft shotgun.

Where can you get w w greener 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

I have a circa 1874 W.W. Greener double barrel shotgun. It was made in Birmingham England. It has double hammers with nice engraving. Greener shotguns are still produced today but in limited numbers.

How short and where do you measure from for all states can a shotgun barrel be and still be legal in the usa how long must the shotgun be overall?

The BATFE website will give you the federal answer for barrel length and overall length. Whether a state is more restrictive is something you will have to find out from each state.

Did Browning Fire Arms make a rifle sight shotgun barrel for a Sweet Sixteen shotgun?

In 1962 Browning announced the buck special available in all guages standard and light weight versions which included the Sweet 16, Light 12 and the Mag 12. The standard weight 16 ga was discontinued in 1964, but the Sweet could still be purchased as the Buck Special. Rifle Sight Sweet 16 barrels could be purchased seperately as well.

What is a Winchester model 180 rifle?

i had one that was a barrel fed 15 round 22 long rifle i still dont know how old it is or what its worth but i hope this info helps

Is it legal for you to cut doen a shotgun barrel?

Only down to 18 inches, and it must still have an overall length of at least 26 inches.

Can you still get parts for a 5100 20 gage double barrel side by side shotgun?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

What company makes a western field 410 shotgun that is bolt action and what is the location of the company?

The Western Field shotgun was sold by Montgomery Ward and made by Mossberg. Made around 1964. I inherited one that is in mint condition and still fires. It is a 410 single barrel 150c shotgun.

What is a bayonet and what is it used for?

A bayonet is a small knife - which can be fixed (by its handle) to the end of the barrel of a rifle - so the soldier still has an effective weapon if he runs out of bullets.

Can you still get parts for a JStephens Arms Co 20 gauge double barrel shotgun side by side and where?

Want ads, gun shows,

What is the value of a Benjamin Franklin air rifle with brass air chamber and brass barrel?

Benjamin made several different rifles. Please state the model number (It's most likely on the barrel) and the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value. Is it still working? Is it in Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair or Poor condition?

What is a 1966 Remington model 870 12 gauge shotgun 30 inch barrel full choke still in original box never fired worth?


Is there such thing as a shotgun pistol?

Yes, one gun manufacturer at least built a two barrel derringer that was chambered for 410 rounds. While a 410 is relatively small, technically is is still a shotgun, and in a pistol as small as the derringer, firing it is a wrist-breaker.

How long is a sniper rifle?

Depends on the sniper and the rifle. Add about 15-20 inches to the barrel length, same as any other rifle. The Remington 700 action used to be very common and probably still is. Barrel lengths are about the same as any varmit rifle, from 20-26 inches roughly. Contrary to popular belief, a longer barrel will not make your rifle more accurate, and people who shoot for a living should be aware of this fact. That is not to say that if you go and buy a Remington 700 from walmart and stick a powerful scope on it that you have a sniper rifle (actually, by military designation and modern rifles, you might). Usually special care is taken and the common varmit components are changed, the barrel is one upgrade that is helpful for making a rifle more accurate. Other things, like bedding the action and floating the barrel are almost requirements for a competition rifle, and a non-reflective coating on the objective lens is probably an essential for a sniper. In short, to answer your question though, 35-45 inches. The .50BMGs are probably the same length but I don't know too much about them. Same as a varmit rifle.

My friend has a old long tom shotgun the serial on barrel is 624146 is it worth anything still fires?

Hang it on a wall. Not worth more than 100 USD depending on condition.

What is the book value of a Winchester 30 30 model 97 still in box?

The Model 1897 is a shotgun. The Model 1894 is a rifle that was chambered in 30/30. Which one are you talking aobut?

What is a browning 308 Norma magnum worth?

The 308 Norma Mag is beyond a hunting rifle. It is more of an AMW. (Anti-Material-Weapon) or a very long range sniper rifle. If the rifle is in good shape and still has the standard wood stock and medium barrel, I would say it is worth $1,000.00 American dollars.

Are interchangeable parts still used today?

Not the same items are interchangeable, but little things you don't notice like cellphone chargers, batteries, and car engines are catagorized as interchangeable parts.

What is the price range of a smith Wesson model 422 22 long rifle ctg?

I paid $259 for one in February of 1994 with a 6" barrel. Not sure if they still make that model