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Yes virgin mobile cell phones are available for purchase at Walmart as are many of cell phones. They have a limited selection of virgin mobile phones with prices ranging from 30 to over 200 dollars. You can find them on walmarts website.

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Yes, in fact Walmart does sell Virgin mobile phones. Virgin phones can be found at Walmart's online site and in store mostly sold as a prepaid bundle.

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No, iPhones are not currently on Virgin Mobile (November 2011)

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Q: Do you think Walmart sells virgin mobile phones?
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Does Walmart offer discount cell phone plans?

Walmart sells prepaid cell phones and prepaid minute cards from companies like, Tracfone, AT&T and Virgin Mobile.

Who sells and provides service for the Kyocera Loft cell phone?

Kyocera Loft is most popular as a prepaid phone with Virgin Mobile. I actually had one and I liked it. I purchased mine at Walmart. Not every Walmart though carries the same model of Prepaid Virgin Mobile phones and you can find yourself store hopping. My recommendation, check out the kyocera web site.

Do t mobile sell you phones?

Yes, T Mobile sells phones.

How many cell phones does cellular one offer?

Cellular One sells phones from all major carriers, both contract and prepaid. Here, consumers can find Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and even Virgin Mobile phones.

How many stores do t-mobile have in the UK?

Yes there are places in the UK where Virgin mobile phones can be purchased. You can purchase a Virgin mobile phone at a Nokia store in UK. They also have a store that specifically sells Virgin mobile phones.

Where is it possible to buy Virgin mobile prepaid cell phones?

Best buy always seems to get the new models of virgin mobile phones first, then they show up in other stores like Target and Radioshack soon after, you can also order phones straight from the virgin mobile just go to then click on "MEDIA AND MOBILE" then select your appropriate country Use this KickBack code "8Gsuud5J" while activating a new virgin mobile phone and you'll receive 60 minutes of free talk time, Just Top up/Add at least $20.00 when you activate your new virgin mobile phone and 60 minutes of free talk time will be added to your account. P. S. KickBack code is case sensitive 8Gsuud5J

What cell phone provider sells LG mobile phones?

T-Mobile is the primary service provider who offers LG Mobile Phones. Verizon Wireless also offers a small selection of LG Mobile phones. Sprint/Nextel also offers some of the LG Mobile phones.

What brands of mobile phones does Argus sell?

Argos sells several brands of mobile phones from their catalogue and stores. The available brands include Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Alcatel, Vodafone, Virgin, and a few others. Their price range stretches from å£9.99 to å£599.95.

What are sold in Orange shops in the UK?

The Orange Shop sells mobile phones and accessories for mobile phones. They also sell mobile phone plans, broadband connections and business solutions.

Name of company that sells electronics entertainment flash memory mobile phones?


Who sells 4g mobile phones?

Yes, you can get a 4g mobile phone from Verizon. You can either get it at their brick and mortar store or online.

Does sell tmobile phones?

Yes, amazon sells t-mobile phones. The amazon website also sells accessories you can buy with your phone; if you decide to buy a phone from the amazon website.