Do you throw a real ball when you play Pokemon GO?

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No. You can simply swipe your finger upwards on the phone's screen.
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How do you throw a curve ball?

Breaking pitches spin, which results from applying finger pressure to the ball and snapping your wrist when releasing it. The middle finger is key. It the snap. It will require trial and error to find the correct release point.

If a ball is throw and bounces off the upright and back into the field of play is it a live or dead ball?

Once the passed ball hits any part of the goal posts it is considered dead. According to an article on, former NFL referee Jerry Markbreit was asked a similar question.. "If the ball hits the upright is it still in play on a forward pass or a field goal try?" . His answer was:. ( Full Answer )

Is the batter out if the batter hits a ball and throws his bat and the bat hits the catcher and as a result the catcher is unable to field a throw for a play at the plate?

Yes. If at any point in a game, the batter or baserunner interferes with the fielder, he is an automatic out. If he impedes the throw to get out another runner, the other runner is out as well. For instance, on a double play, if the runner going to second is already out by force at 2nd, and he plows ( Full Answer )

Is going be a real Pokemon movie?

maybe. but they say there's a Pokemon movie called Pokemon Apokélypse. (i think its already out and i hate this big writing!)

How many yards back does a quarterback go before throwing the ball?

That would depend on the type of pass play the team is running. QBs don't use yards to determine how far to go back in the pocket, they use steps. You will see a QB drop back 3, 5, or 7 steps to throw depending on the pass play called. It is always an odd number of steps because the first step is ( Full Answer )

When does the ref throw the black beanie or flag only on a fumble or does it get thrown at the onset of any ball going into play?

The bean bag is blue (in NCAA and NFL, which in Highschool) and marks the spot of first touching, illegal touching, and change of possession when that change of possession spot matters in the terms of penalty spots (fumbles, punt returns, but not kick returns nor interceptions). Typically you see ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after you get the master ball Pokemon?

im pretty sure u go to mossdeep city and beat the gym get the blue orb get dive go to the underwater cavern srry if it wasnt that helpful i couldn't remember that much &%($%& JMAN *&*^$@#

'Throw the ball to the pitcher' is this a sentence?

Yes, this is a sentence. It would be used in response to a question such as, "Who do I throw the ball to?" It is addressed directly at someone and the "You" at the beginning is assumed.

How does Drew Brees throw a ball?

The energy from his feet and when he release it the index finder is the last finger to get off the football. ( He release the ball as fast as he can.) The receiver catches it and its a touchdown. Drew release the ball at 6 degree angle and the ball travels at 54 MPH!

Is it a fumble if you throw the ball backwards?

Any ball not clearly a forward pass is a backward pass. The term lateral is not in any rule book Ihave ever read. The term is backward pass. A backward pass can be intercepted or recovered by the defense and they will get possession at the end of the play. A grounded backward pass is played as a fum ( Full Answer )

Who throws the ball to the first baseman after and inning of play?

I believe you're talking about between innings when they throw around the practice balls. The first baseman throws grounders to the other infielders (2nd, SS, 3rd) and they scoop up the ground ball and throw it back to the first baseman.

Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?

When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.

How do you throw the ball when playing rugby?

The ball is held two handed with one of the points facing in the direction the ball is to go. The ball must be passed level to the passer or behind the passer to a team player. If you wich to gain distance of the pass its suggested that you spin the ball as it leaves the passers hands.

How the throw ball to throw speed and spin?

Pivot your wrist just before you release the ball. Pretent you'returning a key that has to be turned to the three o'clock position.As you rotate your hand, release the ball.

How do you throw a critical ball in Pokemon white?

it happens randomly like a critical hit, but pretty rare. You will know if you threw a critical ball if the ball shakes after the Pokemon is inside and it budges only once.

When you throw a ball in space why does it go on for ever?

Simply put, the answer is: Because there's nothing to stop it. Any time you come anywhere near Newton's laws of motion, you're continually bumping into the idea that an object continues in constant uniform motion, with constant speed and in a straight line, until it's acted on by an external ( Full Answer )

How do you make a real Pokemon-ball?

First you need to find an apricorn-tree. If you find one, shake it until an apricorn drops from the tree. Apricorns vary in colors. Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, White, Red and Blue are all common colors for apricorns. Once you get an apricorn you can crack it open with a hammer and a chisel (be sure ( Full Answer )

Yow do you play real life Pokemon?

you an use your igagination a p.c can be a computer ( at school youcan use a mystic power ) in p.e in school it is a good time. youmay need a bag. you can pretend you have one and pokemon. just do not do it indoors only out doors in school. even when going to a park is a good time oryou can youube r ( Full Answer )

Can kids play Pokemon GO?

Absolutely they can. If the kids are too little, you might want tohave them use the GO Plus device while an older person handles thesmartphone, but even young kids can participate in finding andcatching Pokemon with family.

How old do you have to be to play Pokemon GO?

You must be 13 years or older to agree to the Terms of Use.Otherwise your parent or guardian will be accepting the legalresponsibility. So with that being said, anyone can play, as longas you have a consenting legal guardian.

Do poke balls regenerate in Pokemon GO?

Not by themselves, but you can get more from visiting PokéStops,which are usually located at local landmarks or popular locales.Here you can not only get pokeballs, but also potions, razzberries, revives, and other useful items, all for free.

What do I do if Pokemon GO doesn't get my real location?

This can sometimes be a problem if you live in a rural area or havean older phone. If Pokemon GO is never checking your location go tothe settings page and hit "Report a problem" and let the developersknow. In the future they may be able to see what is happening andfind a way to solve it.