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In fantasy football the abbreviation of OPRK stands for opponent ranking. You want your OPRk ranking to be green not red in color.

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Q: Do you want your oprk to be red or green in fantasy football?
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If you want to find a league to play fantasy football, you should visit a fantasy football site and explore which league you would like to join first. There are quite a few different league types like: dynasty, draft and auction. After you've got an idea of which league is best for you, you should then join the league and start strategizing about which players you want on your team. Check the links below for different league types.

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In Fantasy Football which Opp Rk is better a red 1 or a green 30 Why?

You want to play against the 30 green. Example- in ESPN if you start a QB it shows your opponents defense rank against QBs ( passing) and the higher the green number the better for you. So, if you start Tom Brady and the opponents number is green 30 than that's great for Tom Brady and you want to start him. If the number is Red, say 2 then that means Brady's playing against the 2nd best defense against QBs. That what those numbers mean. Good luck!

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More because the more rushing yards, the farther you run or carry the ball. Also, in fantasy football you get points for rushing yards.

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go up to where it says add, trade, and drop on the bar above and click drop then click the empty box next to the plater you want to drop

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