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Created in 1988, fantasy football is a virtual competition where football enthusiasts manage a fictional football team. They could draft and trade players or change their team’s line-up. Scoring is based on the performance of the players chosen.

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Is there any free spl fantasy football?

Yahoo! has it.

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What does projections mean in fantasy football?

It is the number of fantasy points that experts predict that player to achieve for that given week. For example, if a running back is going up against the league's best run defensive team, the projection for that week will be slightly lower that if he is going up against the league's worst run defense. Many factors contribute to the projections, such as the example mentioned above, if the backup running back may be injured, and (not limited to) past fantasy point numbers.

The projected stats will vary greatly from one source to the other. I have found the most accurate predictions to be Yahoo and ESPN, but nobody can accurately predict the stats.

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Who old do you have to be to have a fantasy football account?

You have to be 14.

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What percent of fantasy football have flex player?

Probably less than 25% of leagues have a flex player, but it's completely up to the league commissioner to set rules and many people prefer to have a flex position.

If you run the league, it's up to you to set the rules. The trick is finding 10-12 people to join your league and play by the rules you choose!

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Can you cheat in Barclay's premier league fantasy football?


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What is the transfer password for the 13.09.11 match magazine?


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Does Wes Welker receive a fantasy point for kicking the extra point?

yes if your league counts extra points but he only had 36 yards and no td's so it wouldn't be a big fantasy deal

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What are some good Fantasy Football magazines?

FANTASY Sporting News is awesome and costs about $9.99. MATCH is free

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How do you kick someone from your league in ESPN fantasy football?

no you cant sadly they have to leave themselves

i was also wondering this because it basically screwed me over

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What does ADP mean in Fantasy Football?

Average Draft Position

This the term used to describe where you'll usually find a specific player being drafted in fantasy mock drafts, or real fantasy league drafts.

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How do you drop players on Yahoo fantasy football?

go up to where it says add, trade, and drop on the bar above and click drop then click the empty box next to the plater you want to drop

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How many teams in the English football league have x in them?

There are 6 teams if you include "Non-League", if not there are 3. They are... Crewe AleXandra, OXford United, EXeter City, WreXham, HalifaX Town & OXford City.

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What is fantasy football?

Fantasy Football is a game in which the participants (called "owners") each draft or acquire via auction a team of real-life NFL (or college depending on the league) players and then score points based on those players' statistical performance on the field. Leagues can be arranged in which the winner is the team with the most total points at the end of the season or in a head-to-head format (which mirrors the actual NFL) in which each team plays against a single opponent each week, and at the end of the year the team with the best win-loss record wins the league. Most leagues set aside the last weeks of the NFL regular season for their own playoffs.

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Should you drop Jerricho Cotchery to get jermey maclin?

No, Maclin is incredibly inconsistent. You really should avoid rookies in general.

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How many people in the world play fantasy football online?

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), 57.4 million people in North America will play fantasy sports in 2016. About 77% of those, or ~44M people, play fantasy football. The number of people who play fantasy football outside of North America is negligible.

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Who is jody Smith?

A sports writer and blogger and fantasy football expert. He created a fantasy football league in 1991 that is still going strong. Known for contributions to and for being active on twitter @jodysmith_

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Should you start Matt Ryan or Ben Rothlesberger?

Big Ben all day long he's the one who's goin 2 get da job done but that's just me

i have Matt and ben on my team and i started ben at the begginning of the year and he did nothing and then i put in Matt Ryan and he has given me 20 points week in and week out

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Is fantasy football gambling if there are league fees and prizes awarded?

AnswerYes that is gambling but its kind of like a white lie ... but much the same as an NCAA pool. They are all gambling but there are different levels and if that is as far as you go I would say its not a problem. Just do not let work find out about it


No, it is not. It is a game of skill between the participants. Simply betting on the results of a sports event is more chance than skill, that's gambling. Fantasy football is more skill than chance. There is chance involved, but the player who is more skilled is more likely to win or be competitive in their league than the unskilled player.

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What does handcuff pick mean in Fantasy Football?

It means that along with the starter at a position, you take his backup in case he gets hurt. so if you Pick L.T. you handcuff Michael Turner to him, which means that you also pick Turner.

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Do most Fantasy Football leagues use TE's?

Yes, most leagues do use TE's. Sometimes TE's are a smart pick they are not a worthless player like most people think. They will get around 10-15 points per game.

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What does own percent mean in fantasy football?

It's the % of owners on that Fantasy Football site that 'own' that player, or have that player on their team.

Peyton Manning for example will always have 100% ownership, as there shouldn't be a league anywhere where a team hasn't picked him up.

The third string quarterback on the Colts however will probably have a 0% ownership because he will never play and score any fantasy points for anyone.

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What was the highest scoring fantasy football players last year?

LT - LaDainian Tomlinson, S.D. RB

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Who will be the number 1 pick in most fantasy football drafts?

This question has been overcome by events. So let's see what really happened in 2008.

According to ESPN, here's the average results for all live drafts


1 LaD Tomlinson RB 1.4

2 Adrian Peterson RB 2.5

3 Brian Westbrook RB 3.8

4 Tom Brady QB 4.8

5 Joseph Addai RB 5.2

6 Steven Jackson RB 6.4

7 Randy Moss WR 9.2

8 Frank Gore RB 9.3

9 Clinton Portis RB 10.6

10 Peyton Manning QB 11

11 Marion Barber RB 11.2

12 Marshawn Lynch RB 12

13 Terrell Owens WR 13.8

14 Larry Johnson RB 14.8

15 Tony Romo QB 17.5

16 Ryan Grant RB 17.6

17 Reggie Wayne WR 17.9

18 Willis McGahee RB 18.7

19 Willie Parker RB 19.9

20 Braylon Edwards WR 20.8

21 MaurJones-Drew RB 21.6

22 Jamal Lewis RB 23.6

23 Larry Fitzgrld WR 25

24 Andre Johnson WR 25.2

yea that's almost exact! FBALL50

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Who should I buy for my fantasy premier league team 2009 2010?

in my opinion:

forwards: F. Torres, david villa, messi, Henry

kaka, c.ronaldo, steven Gerrard, Michael essien, xavi

john terry, lahm, Ferdinand, s.ramos

iker casillas, petr cech

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Who is the best fantasy football expert?

Chris Vincent from Chicago, IL is considered the best fantasy football expert by the most knowledgeable fantasy football observer in the world, Chris Vincent.

My teams usually go by the name Juggernaut. If you enter a league and see a team named Juggernaut you better eat your Wheaties because you are likely to get ran over by my squad.

What make me the best?

Passion for the game

I fell in love with football at the tender age of 10 when my Chicago Bears captured not only the imagination of the sports world but the imagination of the entire world. Their absolute dominance in such a physical sport combined with all the larger than life personalities helped to create both one of the most feared and loved sports teams in history. I've been in love with the game ever since. I picked up the art of prognostication at an early age as my dad would bring home parlay cards for us to play. Every Thursday night I could be found going over stats in the paper along with my parlay cards. "That Miami passing game is overrated and no match for the balanced Buffalo attack. I'm gonna key the Bills, give me them with the 4 and the hook all day long" I would say as my 13 year old voice cracked. My five dollars allowance just turned into twenty.

IT Background

I've been working professionally with technology focusing heavily on database design and functionality the past 15 years. I've used much of this knowledge to my advantage participating in various leagues and contests. I have formulas and models that you will never see because they are too valuable to me for competition purposes. I'm now starting to incorporate new technologies used by various new media outlets to keep my data as fresh as possible. The early bird gets the worm, and as far as breaking news goes, I don't sleep.

The proof is in the pudding.

I have been playing fantasy football for about 10 years. I started in cold, public yahoo! leagues and then moved to online leagues with cash payouts. I played in a 'free' contest and quickly tired of the fee every time you change your player. The next year in 2004 I tried it again and started off hot, real hot. I was ranked #1 overall for weeks 6 through 11 out of over 34,000 players. I hung in there but finished 9th overall with a few more teams in the top 20. I think I won $500 dollars between my teams, but the thrill of being #1 out 34,000 people had me hooked. The next few years I went looking for higher stakes contests but they all seemed to only pay 50%-60% of what they took in.

The Big Time

In 2007 I heard about a contest with real large payouts and a reasonable entry fee. I entered and finished 2nd out of a few thousand teams. My $69 entry fee turned into $125,000. In 2008 I entered 10 teams in a contest that awarded a top prize of a million dollars. I drafted real well and started out hot. By week8 of the contest 4 of my 10 teams were in the top 37 out of 6,660 teams. My ten teams combined for about a .750% win percentage and six of the teams made it to league championship games week 10. Unfortunately, those 6 teams went 1 - 5 and I didn't last too long in the play-offs. I think my top team finished 51st, not bad out of 6,660 but not the success I have grown a custom to. I played the other contest that I finished 2nd in the previous year and finished 31st out of about 2,000 teams. Pretty good again, but not good enough.

What makes someone an expert?

It's not a journalism degree. It's not an expensive haircut and a pretty mug. It's not that you have been playing since Steve Grogan was slinging it. It's passion for the game, good prognostication abililty and the ability to gather and access all the information you can to make quality informed decisions.

It's all these factors that have contributed to me becoming the best Fantasy Football Expert in the World. If you want to prove me wrong, let me know where you play at and I'll show you what time it is.



Check out then we'll find out who the real expert is

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