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Do your canine teeth come out?

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Hello I belive they do because my daughter has a loose cainine tooth.

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You can call canine teeth transitional teeth. They are what you consider to be baby teeth, a child will pull their canine teeth between the ages of 6 and 11, and permanent canine teeth will grow.

The canine teeth help to chew food in the human mouth. The canine teeth are the longest of the teeth and are good for tearing food. The canine teeth are located in both the upper and lower jaw.

yes rodents do have canine teeth

We actually do have canine teeth.

Yes, you do lose your canine teeth !!!!

Because it looks like dogs' teeth.

The canine teeth, also called cuspids, dog teeth, fangs, or eye teeth. Usually the term canine teeth is used but rarely cuspids.

The purpose of the human canine teeth is to hold food in place to tear or rip it. The canine teeth are the largest teeth in a humans mouth.

the canine teeth are used for cutting meat.

Yes the canine teeth are the pointy ones.

canine teeth are use to tear food

Canine teeth are used for piercing, or holding.

They are shaped like a dogs teeth and so they are called canine teeth

Canine teeth are unique to mammals and our ancestors, therapsids. Other creatures, including dinosaurs, never had canine teeth.

Canine teeth are for gripping and holding food.

Most herbivores don't have canine teeth. Horses do.

Canine teeth are used to tear into an animal's flesh. Since sheep are herbivores (plant-eaters), they do not need canine teeth.

They are shaped like a dogs teeth and so they are called canine teeth

It is called teeth but the front sharp teeth are called canine teeth and other animals have canine teeth too.

Canine teeth just tear up you'r food.

Yes, the teeth behind and the teeth in front of the canine teeth!!

Premolars are teeth that are next to the canine teeth in a person's mouth. Second molars are next to these teeth.

A females canine teeth can be 4 inches. A males canine teeth can be 5 inches

true they tear up your food and i guess your molars mush it up but when someone says "canine" dogs or wolves come to mind and they have "canine" teeth also which they rip their prey apart with (mainly wolves)

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