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As of January 2011, 31 seasons of Doctor Who have been broadcast. This is the official number from the BBC. The "specials year" that occurred during 2009 rather than a regular season was considered a continuation of the 2008 season. The series originally ran for 26 seasons between 1963 and 1989. This does NOT include the original 52 Radio episodes transmitted by the BBC where Peter Cushion, who stared in the original 2 films voiced the Doctor. It came back in 1996 for a standalone TV movie. And then it returned in 2005 and to date there have been 5 seasons of the revival. The BBC and fans consider all these seasons to be one single show since the revival is a direct continuation and not a reboot or reimagining (like, say, Battlestar Galactica), nor is it a "next generation" type show since the Doctor is the same character throughout. A 6th season will air in 2011, however things get complicated because the BBC is airing a 6.0 in the spring and a 6.5 in the fall, and we have yet to hear if these will be considered separate seasons (so 6.5 would be the 33rd season overall if that's the case). If you want to be a completest, the spin-off series Torchwood has aired 3 seasons, with a 4th to air in 2011, and The Sarah Jane Adventures has aired 4 seasons, with a 5th and a 6th in production (or pre-production) for broadcast in 2011 and 2012. AND there has also been a single season of K-9, an Australian-produced non-BBC spinoff which is also in pre-production for a second season.

30 (as of 2008)

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Q: Doctor Who has been on for how many seasons?
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