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Questions relating to the television show Doctor Who, from the very first episode in 1963 to the present. Questions about the several actors in the show may be asked here, as a second category, but should more accurately be placed in Celebrites.

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What does MRCS after a doctor's name mean?

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Either London or Edinburgh)

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Where can you download 'Doctor Who' clips?

You can't, but if you go onto the official Doctor Who website you can watch clips.

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Where can you buy classic Doctor Who on DVD?


  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Play
  • HMV
  • BBCShop (British Only)


  • HMV
  • WHSmith
  • Blockbusters
  • Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys/Walmart
  • Almost any shop that sell DVD's
Doctor Who

What was Tom Baker's favourite sweet?

The Jellybaby. I don't think there is a single Baker episode that doesn't show them.

Doctor Who
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How old is Jack Wagner?

Jack Wagner is 51 years old (birthdate: October 3, 1959).

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Where can you buy a 6th Doctor coat?

You could have a look on Ebay or Amazon.

Maybe a fan is offering to make or sell some on a Doctor Who fan site.

There is also a chance that they are available in fancy dress shops.

Failing that, you can try making your own.

You cannot buy most of the originals. The few surviving pieces are in museums.

Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor Who) had his replica costume for conventions made by an independent costume maker. My other suggestion is do the Comiccon and other fan conventions.

Doctor Who

When does Doctor Who come to America?


It comes out on April 17th. in the program it is 1969 and Apollo 11 is taking off. They are in Utah next to Lake Silencio.

Doctor Who, The Movie was released in 1996. It had the final appearance of Sylvester Mccoy as he dies, regenerates, and becomes the eight doctor played by Paul Mcgann. The film takes place in 1999 New York in the United States.


If you are asking when the Doctor first filmed in the USA, the above answer is correct.

If you are actually asking when Doctor Who is released in America, it already has been.

Doctor Who

Why do Weeping Angels have fangs?

To make them look scary and so when they open their mouths it looks like they are going to bite you.

Doctor Who
Celebrity Sexual Orientation
Matt Smith (Actor)

Is Matt Smith gay?

No, Matt is straight.

Doctor Who

Who does Doctor Who marry?

The Doctor briefly married Queen Elizabeth I ("The End of Time Part I") which is referenced in "The Shakespeare Code" and "Tooth and Claw." He referenced being married at least one other time ("Blink") and had a granddaughter, Susan, suggesting another marriage. The Series 6 episode "The Doctor's Wife" suggests that the TARDIS is in a way his wife, seeing as how connected they are. The Eleventh Doctor marries River Song in the Series 6 finale "The Wedding of River Song." Also, before we were able to watch the Doctor's adventures on our television, the Doctor married a woman. It is known that the Doctor has family, however, they all most likely perished during the Time War.

In real life, the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, did marry the actress who played his companion Romana, Lalla Ward. David Tennant, who played the 10th Doctor, married Georgia Moffat, who played the Doctor's "generated anomaly" daughter in the 10th Doctor episode "The Doctor's Daughter". Moffat's father is Peter Davison, who played the 5th Doctor.

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What are some meaningful Doctor Who quotes From any season?

  • I tolerate this century, I don't enjoy it.
  • Doctor Who! And I'll take you all on, one-by-one or all in a bunch to back it up!
  • Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey
  • Allons-y
  • She is just a footprint on the beach. And the tide's coming in
  • Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It's not the time that matters it's the person

There are hundreds of quotes from all 11 doctors. The related link below lets you choose a doctor and their most memorable quotes.
Doctor Who

Who is The Doctor and why does he hate his planet?

The Doctor is the last of the Timelords, from the long running BBC si-fi series "Doctor Who".

The Timelords were a race from the planet Gallifrey. During the Last Great Time War, between the Daleks and the Timelords, The Daleks, Gallifrey and the rest of the Timelords were Destroyed. The Doctor was instrumental in the destruction thereby bringing the end of the War.

The Doctor doesn't hate his planet, but has instead, been involved in a long debate with his people about the nature of the Timelord's place in the universe. This disagreement was the genesis for The Doctors travelling lifestyle.

In 'The End of Time', we see scenes from the Time War, as the Time Lord president Rassilon prepares to shift Gallifrey itself out of the Time War, to modern day Earth. Here we learn that Time Lord society had become brutal and bloodthirsty over the course of the ceaseless war against the Daleks. Their own plan was 'the end of time itself', to destroy all of creation and for the Time Lords to ascend. This, the Doctor explained, is why he had to destroy his own people too, and never let them return.

Doctor Who

Will there be more than 13 doctors in Doctor Who?

Maybe, Doctor Who is of a rare breed of TV shows (Super brand), so the BBC aren't going to get rid of it any time, soon, so, yes, there might be more than 13 Doctor's.

Additional: in a recent guest appearance on the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor said he can regenerate more than 500 times. Although this was meant as a joke, it does reflect the opinion - stated by Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and David Tennant in various interviews - that the whole 13-life limit thing is pretty meaningless, especially with the Time Lords gone. Even back in the 1970s when they first introduced it no one believed the Doctor would stick to this rule when he got there. So unless the BBC cancels the show in the meantime, there will be a 14th Doctor, and a 15th...

Doctor Who

Do Rose and the Doctor meet in season four?

Yes, Rose returns from the parallel world at the end of episode 12, at the end of episode 13 The Doctor returns her and clone Doctor to her world to live their lives together.

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Which author did the Doctor meet in the episode 'The Unquiet Dead'?

The Doctor met Charles Dickens.

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Why are Captain Jack's memory's erased?

This is true but Jacks memories were removed before the Doctor met him. He tells us when Rose first encounters him in series one:

For a start, it isn't Captain Jack, it is in fact Donna Noble. At the end of the fourth series, David Tennant's final full series, when Donna touched the Doctor's spare hand, resulting in a second version of the Doctor growing out of it, only this one is part human, the Doctor's mind went into Donna's and the powers of his mind were sowly killing her. So, to prevent this from happening, the Doctor had no option but to erease her memory completely of all the things they did together. If she remembered for just one second, she would begin to burn up and be erased from existence totally.

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How does the Doctor give River Song his screwdriver if it changed?

Your question isn't quite clear, but if you are referring to the screwdriver River has when she meets the Tenth Doctor: the Doctor from the future knew River was about to go to her death (remember they keep meeting out of order). He gave her his screwdriver because he knew his Tenth self would need it to save her. As for why it looks different, every time the sonic screwdriver is destroyed irreparably, the TARDIS presents him with a new one and sometimes the design changes.

Improvement: I might know what you mean. River's screwdriver does look quite similar to the Tenth Doctor's blue one, as apposed to the Eleventh Doctor's green one. Which is a strange thing really, but I suppose that the future Doctor would have purposefully given River one that looked like the Tenth Doctor's, so it would make sense to the Tenth Doctor. WIBBLY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY!

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When is Doctor Who season 5 coming to watch instantly on netflix?

Season 1-5 is available for instant streaming.

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What is the 100th episode of Doctor Who called?

The 100th story or serial of Doctor Who is the Stones of Blood.

The 100th individual episode is called Escape Switch, which is the 10th episode of the serial The Daleks' Master Plan

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Where can you watch old Doctor Who episodes for free?

You can watch Dr Who on the BBC's online iPlayer.

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What will happen when the 13th Doctor dies?

Basically, when the 13th Doctor dies, he will regenerate. They're not going to kill of the main character of the show for the sake of continuity. I think Russel T Davies sneaked in that '503' line into the Sarah Jane Adventures to make it clear that there isn't really a set amount of regenerations he can have.

When they said that he could only have 12 regenerations, they didn't know how successful and how long the show would actually last for.

And of course, when the 503rd Doctor dies... If the show is still successful in about 1000 years time, I'm sure they can rewrite the rules.

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How many seasons of Doctor Who have there been including the first through eighth Doctors?

There have been 32 seasons in total since the show originally began, meaning the 2012 season (series 7) will be season 33. The original run from W. Hartnell to P. Mcgann ran for 26 seasons. the P. Mcgann movie was made as a one off special with an intent to try to relaunch in american but failed and rights returned to BBC which allowed Russell T. Davis to eventually get a successful relaunch in 2005

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What is a cyberman's weakness?

Their emotional inhabbiter located in their chest. It makes them remember who they are and they have a mental breakdown and die.

In older eps they are shown to be allergic to gold. A gold-tipped arrow is shown to kill one instantly.

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Who played the werewolf in the 'Tooth and Claw' episode of Doctor Who?

The werewolf in the Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw was entirely computer generated. Actor Tom Smith played the werewolf in its human form.

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Where can 'Doctor Who' be read in e-book form?

Some Doctor Who books are made available for free online reading or downloading at the BBC.

  • Human Nature by Paul Cornell
  • Nightshade by Mark Gatiss
  • Scales of Injustice by Gary Russell
  • Empire of Glass by Andy Lane
  • The Well-Mannered War by Gareth Roberts
  • Lungbarrow by Marc Platt
  • The Sands of Time by Justin Richards
  • The Dying Days by Lance Parkin

The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club has Who Killed Kennedy by David Biship available as a free ebook with the author's permission.
Legally, the only place where you can is the official BBC Doctor Who website. If you go into its classic series archives several Doctor Who novels have been posted online as annotated "e-books". Presumably recent releases from BBC Books are also available for purchase as e-books as well.


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