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Q: Does all light reflect when striking a basketball?
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Do black objects reflect all the colors of light?

It absorbs all the frequencies of light, meaning it does not reflect any light.

What planets in the solar system reflect light?

They all reflect light in varying degrees. If there were any that did not reflect light we would not know about them.

What materials reflect all light?

All materials reflect light. if u can see it then the light refelcts off that and into ur eyes

What are some materials that reflect light?

all materials reflect light, which makes color but more atomically dense materials reflect light better

Do all material reflect light?


Why does black not reflect light?

black does not reflect any light because it absorbs all the colours of white light .

Red light and white light reflect?

All of the electromagnetic spectrum can be reflected. White light is a combination of all colors. They all reflect, red is among them.

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

Which planets reflect light?

All planets reflect light, thus the reason we can see them through the telescope.

Does a rough surface reflect light in many directions?

All surfaces reflect light. However, only the smoothest surfaces reflect all light in one direction. These are shiny and include mirrors and metal. Some surfaces just reflect the light in all directions, which is why you cannot see the reflection.

How does white reflect all light?

yes. It does.

What things do not reflect light well?

Dark colors absorb most light that hit them and so they do not reflect light well at all.

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