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Who is known as the first African American scientist

Which scientist used mathematical knowledge to calculate the exact measurement of the meter

Who is recognized as one of the greatest physicists of all time

Which scientist used his knowledge of astronomy to publish a popular almanac

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Q: Does Science only work with what is observed and measured?
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what is work measured in?

Work is measured in Joules.

What is work as it relates to science?

I actually just took a test over that concept today, work is defined as Force times distance. Work is measured in joules.

How is work measured?

work is measured in Joules

What is the unit used to express work?

Work is measured in the same units as energy. There are many different possible units. A common one in science is the joule.

How is the word 'energy' defined in science?

Energy is the ability of matter to change or to perform work. It is measured in joules or foot-pounds.

What can science not answer?

Science can not answer what is your favorite color or what subject you like it only can answer reflecting on the world and reseacher work

How is public opinion is measured in America?

Such questions only work when "the following" is listed with the question.

How can copyright be observed?

Only use materials which are your original work, are in the public domain, or for which you have a license from the copyright holder.

What is the SI unit that energy and work are measured in?

Energy and work are measured in joules.

How do you work out the density of something?

Density- The amount of mass that 1cm3 of a substance has. Measured in grams per cubic centimetre. To work it out: Mass/volume= density hope this helps (it will if u do science)

With only a political science degree and a master in law you can work as a lawyer in England?


Why did the Romans call the Mediterranean Sea 'Our Sea'?

They called it Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) because they controlled most of the territories surrounding it and the islands in it.Another term used by historians is to call it a "Roman Lake".

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