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Of course, no !!

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Do kilograms weigh more than pounds?

Yes, one kilogram equals 2.2 pounds.

Does 100 kilogram weigh more or less then 200 pounds?

100 kilograms = 220.462262 pounds So 100 kilograms wights more than 200 pounds.

Which weighs more 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feather?

Trick question? The 60 kilograms (a little more than 132 pounds) of feathers weigh more!

Would you weigh a person in kilograms or grams?

Probably use kilograms, they're bigger than pounds. Most other countries use kilograms. Example: I weigh 120 pounds, which means I also weigh 54 kilograms.

Is grams heavier then kilograms?

kilograms weigh more than grams.

Is 51 kilograms more than 110 pounds?

Yes. 51 kilograms = 112.43 pounds.

What weighs more 500 pounds or 20 kilograms?

500 pounds is much heavier than 20 kilograms. 20 kilograms is only 44.09 pounds.

Is 46 kilograms heavier than 2 pounds?

A mass of 46 kilograms weighs about 101.4 pounds on earth. That's more than 2 pounds.

How many kilograms is 300 pounds?

300 pounds = 136.078 kilograms1 pound ~= 0.45359 kilograms1 kilogram ~= 2.2046 poundsOn earth, 136.078 kg weighs 300 pounds (rounded). In other places, the same mass weighs more or less than 300 pounds. Different sized masses weigh 300 pounds.

What is heavier 1000 pounds or 1000 kilograms?

1,000 kilograms is more than twice as heavy as 1,000 pounds: 1000kg = 2,204.6 pounds.

Do trucks weigh fifty kilograms?

Trucks weigh many times more than fifty kilograms, which is less than the average adult person weighs.

Would you weigh a pumpkin in kilograms or grams?

It is much more reasonable to weigh a pumpkin in kilograms, rather than grams.

How much should dachshunds weigh?

A normal dachshund should weigh no more than 18 pounds. Miniature dachshunds should weigh no more than 11 pounds. :)

Which is bigger 5 kilograms or 5 pounds?

5 kilograms is more than double the weight of 5 pounds. Five kg = 11.023 pounds.

Is 5 kilograms more than 5 pounds?


How do you explain kilograms is greater than pounds?

Kilograms > pounds

Is 7355 pounds more than 1000 kilograms?

Yes. 7,355 pounds is 3336.2kg

How many pounds does a python weigh?

More than 220 pounds.

Does a rabbit weigh less than 10 kiolgrams?

10 kilograms (2.2 pounds/1 kg) = 22 pounds ================some domestic rabbits may weigh this much

Which weigh more 5 pounds or 100 ounces?

100 ounces weigh more than 5 pounds. (5 pounds x 16 = 80 pounds)

What is the wight of a jellyfish?

The weight of a jellyfish will vary depending on the species of jellyfish. They can either weigh a few milligrams to more than 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

What is the length and weight of the bear species that is found in the Southern Hemisphere?

the obvious answer is that the spectecled bear males, which are significantly larger than females, grow over 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length and weigh up to 340 pounds (154 kilograms). Females rarely weigh more than 180 pounds (82 kilograms). it equals 254.1

How much does a bear weigh?

Bears can weigh more than 1,400 pounds.

Do people usually weigh more than 2 pounds?

Yes, people do weigh more than 2 pounds, unless that is that you are a child born pre-maturely.

Does a horse weigh 300 grams or 300 kilograms?

That would be kilograms. The very smallest of horses, smaller than a dog, weigh only about 60 pounds (27 kg), and thoroughbreds average over 1000 pounds (450 kg). The largest horses can weigh over 3000 pounds (1360 kg).

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