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Though AT&T used to have affordable landline phone service, they have increased their prices by almost 20% in recent years. Customers may have to find another provider as AT&T is pushing for the government agency in charge to drop the landline requirement for the company.

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Q: Does AT&T still have affordable landline phone service?
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Are there still phone companies with landline service?

Yes. Landline service is still available in most areas. It is generally cheaper than cell phone service, though obviously it doesn't allow for the same degree of mobility.

Do people still offer landline phone service?

There are many landline phone services available. Typically, the more popular ones are offered through your cable company and even some cellphone providers offer landline services.

How many households in America still purchase residential phone service?

As of 2008, about 75% of households still had at least one landline.

Which service providers still cover landline phones?

Even though cell phones seem to be the most popular these days, there are still many provider that offer a landline phone. Some of these providers are AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink, Vonage, and Verizon.

What companies still offer traditional landline service?

AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon all offer home phone service. Which companies offer it in your area is generally determined by your PUC.

Is landline phone service going to be something of the past in the next 15 years?

In my opinion, probably not. Even now, about 80% of homes still have a landline. I bet that number will slowly drop over time, though.

Can someone with no landline still receive broadband Internet service?

An actually phone is not necessary, but the phone line in the house must be "live." Phone companies have special rates to activate the phone lines in a home without phone service. DSL uses same lines but at a different band.

Finding The Best Landline Phone Service Providers?

Finding the best landline phone service providers is possible with a bit of research. Many people still want to have access to a quality landline telephone in a world of wireless phone technology. This remains a vital form of communication for sending faxes and some internet services require an active landline phone service. Some people have chosen to switch to using only a cell phone to save money. This is a great option for those that do not need a fully equipped home office or the convenience of saving money on cellular minutes. Taking a few minutes to compare rates and services of local phone service providers will help homeowners find the best option.

Landline Phone Service and Advantages?

Landline phone service is becoming less common in many homes across the nation. The popularity of cell phones has greatly affected the number of homes that subscribe to landline phone service. In days gone by, almost every home had a home phone. This is no longer true. Families now purchase family plans for those within the home or away from home. Cell phone companies try to make their packages attractive for families. They often offer discounts for plans that include multiple phones.Although landline phone service is not popular these days, there are still many reasons why this type of phone service is still relevant. Cell phones are great and convenient at times, but they are often ineffective during bad weather. Cell phone towers can be interrupted by storms, so a home that has a landline phone service provider will continue to have service in spite of the weather. Also, there are times when everyone will have their cell phone with them. During times when someone is left at home without a cell phone, the person at home is left without a way to communicate. In cases of emergency, this can be a huge problem.Oftentimes, providers offer landline phone service with some other communications products. For example, many companies offer a bundle package. Customers can get a phone, internet connection, and cable service for an affordable monthly fee. Oftentimes, the package is cheaper than trying to buy one or two of the services separately.Additionally, companies now have competition. About 15 years ago, the phone company was forced to split. This created opportunities for smaller companies to compete for business. Prior to this, everyone had to choose from one phone service provider. There was no competition and no other options. Everyone had the same landline phone service provider. The phone company did not have to offer specials because there was no competition. In addition, people that had jobs with the phone company enjoyed incredible job security. A person that worked for the phone company could expect to retire with a nice benefits package and pension plan.In conclusion, each household should examine the advantages and disadvantages of home phone service. A household may save money using cell phones; however, other factors must be taken into consideration.

Does anyone still have a land line phone?

"Are landline phones passe? Not really! There are still many people who would prefer a landline phone to a cell or satellite phone. I imagine that with the passing years, landlines will be phased out but I can't see that happening too soon."

Can you get dsl without a landline phone?

without regular telephone service you can still get dsl, its a service called dry loop and is available in some areas you can consult with an internet service provider about that, i Know Verizon offers it but you might have some alternate options.

You have Verizon landline phone service and ATT dsl internet Can you stop your landline service and still have access to ATT internet?

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