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Yes - they definitely run small. I wear a men's size 9 for Brooks, but a 9.5 for Adidas.

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Q: Does Adidas running shoes run small?
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How expensive are Adidas running shoes?

Adidas running shoes have various prices. You can find some Adidas running shoes for as low as $65.00 and as high as over $100.00. Men's and Women's shoes tend to run at about the same pricing.

Where can I find more information on adidas supernova glide running shoes ?

My adidas supernova glide running shoes are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone. They have a special heel which adapts to the running surface and a breathable mesh upper with overlays to help keep the feet cool. If you run on roads, adidas supernova glide running shoes are ideal.

Why is Adidas successful?

because clay is awesome and told them the idea, that's why they are so successful:)

What shoes did Run-DMC wear?

Run-DMC was well known for wearing white Adidas tennis shoes with no strings.

How comfortable are Adidas running shoes?

In the long run you are better off buying the name brand shoes. They last longer and are made out of better materials. The generic brands ware faster and tear easily.

What are the ratings for the Adidas Superstar shoes?

according to the statistics on the shoes run a 4.5 / 5

How did they make Adidas Running commercial where the shoes run by themselves with worm or slug in them?

A person with a specific coloured body sock and those shoes on running the route and the colour is software removed and the addition of the slugs added by editing video photoshopping afterwards as well.

What kind of running attire is best to run in?

The best running attire would be adidas apparel or nike apparel. You should try to wear athletic apparel such as sweat pants or shorts. Also wear some running shoes.

What is special about Adidas Superstar shoes?

Run DMC made them really popular

What benefits does Adidas have?

The inside of the Adidas shoe is so soft and comfortable. Having comfortable shoes helps you run or excercise better.

Are there specific running shoes designed to run on trails?

Yes there are specific running shoes designed to run on trails. They are called Trail Running Shoes. They are made specifically for trail running just like street running shoes are specifically made for the street.

Where can I find Adidas running clothes for babies?

Adidas has been a popular brand of running clothes for a long time, thanks to the rap group Run DMC. You can find baby Adidas running clothes at their official site, Macy's, Kohl's and possibly JC Penny's.