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Q: Does Allison Argent still have feelings for Scott Mccall Teen Wolf?
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When was Scott Allison born?

Scott Allison was born on 1972-04-22.

What grade was Scott McCall in in season 1 of Teen Wolf?


Does Allison find out what scott is in teen wolf?

Yes, in the last episode of Season 1, Formality.

What is the birth name of Robert Scot?

Robert Scot's birth name is Robert Scott McCall.

What actors and actresses appeared in Help Wanted - 2009?

The cast of Help Wanted - 2009 includes: Scott Clouder as Scott Martin Klebba Allison Marie Volk as Allison Adam Ostegard as Adam Jan Ostegard as Zombie

What is teen wolf about?

Teen wolf tells the story of a teenaged boy who is bit by an Alfa werewolf. Of course like the legends he becomes a wolf, but on top of that he has accelled in sports, and falls in love with a girl, Allison. Allison comes from a family of "wolf hunters" and is expected to take over the family business. Back to the teen wolf, on a full moon his habits are I uncontrollable. He will become dangerous an needs to learn how to control it. He seeks more wolfs in hopes of gaining proper skills. But that's the least of his troubles, the wolf that bit him is unknown, and believed to be dead when in fact it is the Alfa who is pretending to be mentally sick. In the hospital with dementia from his past he doesn't speak a word. Prior to the seasons beginning,

What song is played when Allison and Scott kiss on Teen Wolf?

starry eyed by Elle Goulding

What is the model of the recurve bow Allison Argent uses in Teen Wolf?

She uses two different bows: the one she shows to scott in her room?, which is a elkhorn compound bow from crosman archery and the one she uses in the wood which is a completely black recurve bow, that one i'm not sure at all but i guess is a Bear take down youth righ/left hand or if not then its a martin xr recurve right/left hand bow. Both, the compound and recurve are for begginer kids. But hey, its a fantasy serie, pros will tell you those are toy bows.

Which episodes of Teen Wolf do Scott and Allison makeout in?

You should watch Season 1 Episode 6 ! Heart Monitor Scotts suppose to stay away from Allison but he just can't. I love that episode

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The cast of Paul McCall - 1996 includes: Robert Catrini as Burt Little Demon as Dog Crew Preston as Jesse Sharon Scott as Mrs. Madison Mikel Taft as Tommy Chad Vaccarino as Josh

What actors and actresses appeared in Allison Anonymous - 2007?

The cast of Allison Anonymous - 2007 includes: Bernadette Dangelo as Brooke Joe Eichner as Tom Matt Gagliardi as Scott Jamie Hansen as Mike Erika Lauren as Allison Andrew Mowson as Will Luc Valiquette as Evan

Do scott and Allison from Teen Wolf date in real life?

yes of course...not really but isnt that what you want to hear! get real people