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Does Altair Have A Crowssbow?

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No only assasins creed brotherhood you get a crossbow

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What is the birth name of Altair Jarabo?

Altair Jarabo's birth name is Altair Jarabo Garca.

When was the Altair built?

Altair is the dude in Assassins Creed

Is Ezio Auditore the son of Altair?

No, Ezio and Altair are on separate lineages in Desmond's bloodline. Ezio and Altair are not related.

How far is Altair?

Altair is 16.7 light years from the sun

When was Altair born?

Altair was born on January 22, 1938.

What is the population of Altair Engineering?

The population of Altair Engineering is 1,500.

When was Altair Airlines created?

Altair Airlines was created in 1967.

When was Kai Altair born?

Kai Altair was born in 1984.

What is the birth name of Altair Lima?

Altair Lima's birth name is Altair Vieira de Faria Naves Pinto.

What year did altair die?

altair died in 1503 when fight ezio altair try countering his attack but it failed and he got stabed

Who is stronger Altair or Ezio?

altair he is the better assassin and has more experience

What are the use of constellation vega and altair?

Vega and Altair are stars not constellations.

Which constellation has the star Altair?

Altair is the brightest star in the Aquila constellation.

Who in the show Bakugan has Altair And what other bakugans does he she have?

The vexos brawler Lync has Ventus Altair and he also has a bakugan that can merge with Altair called Wired.

Should you get an altair action figure?

Yes it's an Altair action figure.

How big is Altair?

Altair is about 1.5 times larger than our own Sun

Was altair ezios son?

No altair is ezios ancestor from the crusades ezio is from the renaisance

How tall is Altair Castro?

Altair Castro is 5' 6 1/2".

Is ezio and altair brothers?

Yes they are for altair was son of umar and ezio was son of giovanni auditore altair get out of his house for altair was assassins and after many years come ezio and his fathers tell him your brother has escaped or is altair his cousin i am fan of assassins creed this is true i am history geeker så they are familis

How do you make meta altair Bakugan?

open altair and wired fully place the little stunps on wired to th holes on altair place were its feet go

What wrist watch has altair written on the face?

Hamilton built an electric watch (fifties) named altair. altair is a well known Swiss brand as well.

How old is Altair?

Altair is 73 years old (birthdate: January 22, 1938).

How old is altair in assassins creed?

Altair is 25 in the first Assassins Creed game.

What is the distance from the star altair to earth?

The distance to Altair is listed as 16.8 light-years.

When was Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. created?

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. was created in 1973.

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