Does America place too much emphasis on sports?


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This is a subjective question that cannot be answered definitively. Here are the two basic positions and some of the opinions offered by FAQ Farmers:

Yes, Americans place too much emphasis on sports

  • Yes, in some instances, because children who play sports have a much higher injury rate than others that do not participate in sports and they often they are being pushed too much to win, which can lead to psychological problems. And America should concentrate more on academics.
  • I sometimes do think that our society puts too much emphasis on sports, especially when game broadcasts on TV crowd out family time. Millions of dollars go to pay ungrateful, greedy, immature athletes, and even our local governments spend millions of our dollars to build venues to play the sports in at a loss.
  • Yes, we do place too much emphasis on sports. Pro athletes get paid more than the president of the United States, the most powerful person in the world. That is like saying that sports are the most important thing in the world, and that is not true.

No, America does not place too much emphasis on sports

  • No, America does not. Sure we make a big deal about the Super Bowl and World Series, but why can't people have fun? Kids play sports in schools and outside of school to, they like to play and they do it all the time. Does striving to be better mean your putting too much emphasis on it?
  • No, it places a good amount of emphasis, but of the wrong kind. The focus should be about doing your best, winning if you can and having good sportsmanship, not destroying the opponent by trashtalking and abusing officials for doing their job.
  • No, it's an important part of youth development. They learn respect, responsibility, courage, and other useful things for their adulthood.
  • No, America does not place too much emphasis on sports. Sports have become a big part of society today and many people enjoy watching them. There is always a sport out there for someone, sometimes you just have to look a little harder than the obvious.
  • Sports keep kids active, which is being lost as obese kids stuff their faces with fast food and play video games all day. Sports also teach principles and, yes they do push kids, but that helps them grow and learn to cope with the pressures of life. Sports also help kids feel a sense of belonging and participation as they develop social skills.

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No, if anything more emphasis should be placed on academic subjects. Knowledge is much more important to most than sports for their futures. Sports and atheltics are important as well, and a balance should be sought. People are more than brains or brawn, master or blaster, but are truly both.

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This question asks for an opinion and because of that you will get many answers, so it is hard to give one true answer. I do believe that there is too much emphasis on sports. When sports figures make more than teachers or others there is an imbalance in the norms of society.

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Ruined: too much emphasis on the 'i', Wil Wheatton: too much emphasis on the 'h' in both words, While: too much emphasis on the 'h', Cool Whip: too much emphasis on the 'h'.

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$50,356,678,987 is invested in sports in America. Don't ask me how I know this, it's probably because I'm a sex god.

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As of July 2012, America spent 25.4 billiondollars on Professional Sports.

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