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In recent Doctor Who episodes it is found out that Amy and Rory have a daughter named Melody Pond.

Melody Pond is in fact River Song.

River Song marries the Doctor. That makes Amy Pond the Doctors mother-in-law.

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Q: Does Amy Pond have kids
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When was Amy Pond created?

Amy Pond was created in 2010.

Where does Amy pond live?

Amy Pond lives in Leadworth.

In Doctor Who what is the name of Amy Pond's daughter?

Amy Pond's daughter is called Melody Pond/River Song.

Did Amy Pond come back to life?

No, Amy Pond stayed dead and was buried with her husband, Rory.

Where is Amy Pond's childhood?

Amy Pond grew up in a little English village called Leadworth.

When is Amy pond figure coming back in stock?

Amy pond figure is comeung back in 2012

What is the name of character played by Karen gillan ion doctor who?

Karen Gillan plays Amelia Pond (Amy Pond) in Doctor Who.Amy (Amelia) Pond

In Doctor Who what is Amy Pond's real name?

Amy Pond's real full name is Amelia Jessica Pond, the actress who plays her is called Karen Gillan.

Who is Amy Pond and why does she hate flowers?

Amy Pond (the eleventh Doctor's companion) has never said anything about hating flowers.

Is Amy pond dead in Doctor Who?


Is Amy Pond leaving Doctor Who?


Is Amy pond of doctor who a kissogram or a policewoman?

Amy Pond was a kissogram, as she stated to the Doctor on their first episode together about Prisoner Zero.