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She has not been shown to wear a bra.

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What does Amy Rose wear in the main series?

Amy Rose wears a little red dress. In Sonic CD, she wore a green dress.

Does Amy in the Sonic the hedgehog video games wear a bra?

It has not been shown of her wearing a bra. I don't think she wears a bra because since her back is shown it does not show any sign of her wearing a bra.

Does amy rose wear diapers?

No you would see in the shows/games if she did

What is Amy Lee's bra size?

Amy Lee has not stated what her bra size is, as this is a personal question.

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

Does Katrina Kaif wear bra or not?

She does wear a bra.

Is Amy rose a hedgehog or an echidna?

Amy Rose is a hedgehog.

Is a Amy rose a hedghog?

Yes, Amy Rose is a hedgehog.

Do you wear a sports bra with a normal bra?

no, you wear the sports bra under the sport shirt

Does Amy Rose wear earrings?

yes if you look real closly she has a small ear ring No she does not.

Is Amy rose maria the hedgehog?

YES! maria is sister of Amy Rose And cream and blaze is amy rose best friend

Does Shadow the Hedgehog love Maria or Amy Rose?

amy rose

Is Amy rose in sonic x?

Amy Rose is in Sonic X.

Is Amy rose made from Sega?

Yes Amy Rose is made from SEGA.

Is Amy Rose blue?

Amy Rose (the hedgehog) is not blue, she's pink!

Should you wear no bra when you wear a short top?

Ideally if you have small breasts, which arent heavy and are perky which don't hang down, you shouldn't wear a bra you don't need one, the more you wear a bra the more chance you have of breast cancer. lose the bra Or in my opinion the best thing to do is wear a bra without the hangle. if you are wearing a short top there is many ways you could wear a bra without showing it on! go to a bra shop and buy the bra with the hangle because if you are not wearing a bra your breast will be hanging in there so wear bra to make it more sexy to impress:P

Should you wear bra to bed?

I think that it's okay to wear a bra to bed. Its not like its bad for you in any way, its just that it my be uncomfortable when your sleeping. You could just wear a sports bra or a cloth bra. --It is okay to wear a bra to bed as long as its not tight, or an underwire bra. As there are theories this causes cancer.

What happens if you wear an exercise bra instead of a cup bra while growing up?

nothing,if you feel comfortable then wear it but wear a bra so you can get used to it.

Should you wear a real bra at ten?

If you need a bra, you should wear one.

Where can you find an Amy rose toy?

Simple: go to Ebay then type in Amy Rose.

Who is cuter out of Ocean the cat or Amy Rose?

Amy Rose since she isn't a fancharacter.

What are the names of Amy Rose brother?

Amy Rose has not been revealed to have any brothers.

What animal is Amy Rose?

* Amy Rose is a Pink Female Hedgehog who is in love with sonic.

Is Amy Rose kind?

Amy rose is kind...but she has her moment's :)

Does Espio like Amy?

ESPIO LOVES AMY Not sure, but i heard he llikes Amy rose the pink hedgehog yes He does Espio has feelings for Amy Rose.

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