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Yes, she is.

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Yes, Amy Rose is a hedgehog.

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Q: Is a Amy rose a hedghog?
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Will Amy's baby be a girl or boy?

I think Amy's baby will be a boy. I think Amy's baby will be a boy. whos amy?

Does sonic the hedghog like Amy rose?

as friends, yes. as lovers, no. (thank god lololol)

Does Amy rose the hedghog have poop?

Wait.. Are you asking if Amy rose from Sonic the hedgehog ever poops? If so, than yeah she does... Just off-screen though, like every other character.

Why is Amy rose pink?

Sega make her pink because she a female Hedghog

Will Amy rose from sonic the hedghog be in the Super smash bros. brawl's sequel?

Depends if people ask enough MAYBE but at the same time no. but you will never know.

Is Amy rose a hedgehog or an echidna?

Amy Rose is a hedgehog.

Is Amy rose maria the hedgehog?

YES! maria is sister of Amy Rose And cream and blaze is amy rose best friend

Is Amy rose (sonic boom ) a hedgehog or an echidna?

amy rose is an echidna.

Is Amy rose made from Sega?

Of course amy is made from sega

Who is cuter out of Ocean the cat or Amy Rose?

Amy Rose since she isn't a fancharacter.

Is Amy Rose kind?

Amy rose is kind...but she has her moment's :)

Where can you find an Amy rose toy?

Simple: go to Ebay then type in Amy Rose.