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Cornstarch doesn't cause yeast infections, but it will make them worse. The yeast feeds on the sugar in cornstarch and the infection can spread and get worse.

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Does herpes cause yeast infections?

Herpes don't cause yeast infections.

Do transsexuals get yeast infections?

They can. Both men and women get yeast infections.

What STDs cause yeast infections?

STD's don't cause yeast infections, fungus does.

Can beer drinking cause yeast infections?

Unpasteurized beer can cause yeast infections that can be deadly.

Where do you get yeast infections?

You can get yeast infections in any part of your body. Most commonly in women yeast infections occur in the vagina and vulva.

Can stress cause yeast infection?

Stress may cause yeast infections.

Can skinny jeans cause anything?

Skinny jeans are known to cause yeast infections for girls and women because of their tightness. That doesnt necessarily mean you will get one, but I did right after I started wearing them. But, then again, yeast infections are treatable.

Can you get a yeast infections after gallbladder surgery?

Gallbladder surgery does not cause a yeast infection.However, you may be put on antibiotics after surgery to reduce the chance of infection, and antibiotics have been known to contribute to yeast infections in some women.

Do condoms cause yeast infections?


Can valtrex cause yeast infections?

No it can not.

What antibiotics cause yeast infections?

Any Antibiotic can cause yeast infections if it is taken long enough, or if there's enough in your system.

Can condoms cause yeast infections?

No.. Yeast Infections are Generally caused by Other problems such as Sweat... But not Condoms..

What meds cause vaginal discharge?

There are a variety of medications that can cause women to get a yeast infection and in turn cause some discharge. Birth control pills can cause women to get yeast infections because they create a change in hormone levels. Antibiotics are also known to cause yeast infections. If you have abnormal vaginal discharge you should seek medical attention to rule out any other issues. best of luck.

Can having yeast be a cause of urinary tract infections?

Yes, in some cases having a yeast infection can cause urinary tract infections.

Can you get a yeast infection from medications?

Yes. Antibiotics can cause yeast infections.

Does yogert give women yeast infection?

no. it helps yeast infections , though.

Can bladder infections cause yeast infections?

Other way around.

Does Argo starch cause females to have a yeast infection?

Wearing starched undergarments may cause irritation which may mimic the symptoms of a yeast infection. Yeast infections can also be caused by wearing undergarments made of nylon and similar materials, as these do not absorb moisture well.

Do antibiotics cause yeast infections?


Can nitrofurantoin cause yeast infections?


Can enzymes cause yeast infections?


Does biaxin cause yeast infections?

Biaxin, as well as other antibiotics, can cause yeast infections. This occurs when the antibiotic eliminates the "normal" or good bacteria.

Is candida albicans the species?

It is a species of yeast known to cause yeast infections.

Is the yeast the same yeast that give women yeast infections?

no, yeast is for bread baking or used to make dough rise. yeast infections are like jock itch except in women. easy simple way to get rid of it is an ointment prescribed by a docter or over the counter.

Why do women get yest infections?

Women can get yeast infections from an imbalance within their bodies. Symptoms of yeast infections include soreness, itching, thick and clumpy discharge that looks like cottage cheese and a burning when urinating.

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