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No Aston Villa are a Birmingham based club in the Aston area

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Q: Does Aston villa fc come from London?
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Who is the Chairman of Aston Villa FC?

The Chairman of Aston Villa F.C in England is Randy Lerner.

Is Chelsea Fc Better Than Aston Villa?


What city is Aston Villa in?

Aston Villa FC play at:Villa ParkBirminghamB6 6HESource:,,10265,00.html

Which of these teams in the English Premier League does not have a goal difference?

Aston villa fc

Who is the main rival of Birmingham City FC?

Aston villa both teams are based in Birmingham

Was the winner of the FA Cup in 1957?

Aston Villa FC was the winner of the FA Cup in 1957.

Was the winner of the League Cup in 1977?

Aston Villa FC was the winner of the League Cup in 1977.

Who did Aston Villa FC play on 3rd April 1937?

Aston Villa lost 0-4 at home against Bury in the English League Division 2 on 3-Apr-1937.

Chelsea FC what are the two premiership teams that beat Chelsea this 2009 season?

Aston villa and wigan

What year did Aston Villa win the Intertoto Cup?

Aston Villa have won the cup twice. Once in 2001, beating FC Basel 5-2 on aggerate, and also winning in 2008 overall.

What kind of information can one find on the Aston Villa FC website?

Aston Villa FC's website has a multitude of information available. They have the latest news, podcasts, match reports, fixtures, and league tables. They also have squad information, highlights, mobile apps, interviews, and merchandise for purchase.

When was Villa Lugano FC created?

Villa Lugano FC was created in 1941.

What are some sports teams?

it depends what kind of sport you are after, There are football teams such as: Manchester United, Accrington Stanley, Gatafe FC, FC Barcelona, Aston Villa, Udineze but it all varies what sport you are after.

Aston Villa FCshare prices?

Aston Villa FC are no longer a publicly traded company, having been acquired by the American Randy Lerner in 2006. As such, there is no current share price. The last quoted price I could find was in the region of £5.00 per share.

What is Aston villa?

Aston Villa is an English Premiership football team. They are currently 12th in the league also they have recently signed Darren Bent from Sunderland AFC for a fee oh £18m but could rise to £24m because of his contract at Tottenham FC. And also a really crap team :)

Who is the best football team in London?

The answer is Millwall FC. Come on you lions!!

What are the real team names in pro evolution soccer 2009?

North London = Arsenal West Middlelands Village= Aston Villa Lashire= BlackBurn Rovers Middlebrook= Bolton Wanderers London FC= Chelsea FC Merseyside Blue= Everton West London White= Fulham Yorkshire Orange= Hull City Liverpool FC= Liverpool FC Man Blue = Manchester City Manchester United =Manchester United Teesside = Middlesbrough Tyneside= Newcastle United Pompy = Portsmouth The Potteries= Stoke City Wearside= Sunderland FC Northeast London= Tottenham Hotspurs West Midlands Stripes = West Bromwich Albion East London = West Ham United Lancashire Athletic= Wigan Athletic

Who does david villa play for?

FC Barcelona and Spain

Which team is david villa now?

FC Barcelona.

Does Aston merrygold support Liverpool?

No he supports Arsenal FC.

Where is david villa now after injury?

Training at FC Barcelona

What team david villa play for in 2008?

sevilla fc

What team does David villa play for?

David Villa plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

Is Aston Merrygold a rangers fan?

Nope he supports Arsenal FC :)

Who is Leandro Bacuna?

Leandro Bacuna (born August 21, 1991 in Groningen) is a Dutch-Antillean footballer who, as of February 2014, plays for Aston Villa. Bacuna's career started at Dutch side FC Groningen in 2009, where he played for four seasons before moving to Aston Villa in 2013. Bacuna has played at youth international level for both the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands.