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Yes, BOA does offer debt consolidation loans. In fact, most banks offer them. Typically you need collateral though, such as a home or car.

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2011-01-23 00:16:38
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Q: Does Bank of America loan for debt consolitation?
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Where can one get an unsecured loan for debt consolidation?

There are many places that one could get an unsecured loan for debt consolidation. These places include, but are not limited to, Lending Tree, Prosper, and Bank of America.

Which companies offer a business debt loan?

There are several companies that offer a business debt loan. Some of these include: The Working Bank, RBC Royal Bank, My Debt Solution, and Quarterspot

Where can you get assistance with home loan debt consolidation?

One can find assistance with home loan debt consolidation at one of the following financial institutions. Bank of America, Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo, and B B & T Debt Consolidation.

If the Bank of America was offering someone a home loan forgiveness what would this mean?

The Bank of America has a program called home loan forgiveness in which if the mortgage amount is significantly higher than the amount the home is worth, Bank of America lessens the amount owed. Around 45,000 homeowners were offered this debt reduction.

How do you get loan from Bank of America?

I need the sort code of bank of America in Washington

Write-off---What is the meaning of bank lone write off?

A bank loan write-off is when the customer doesn't pay the loan and the bank writes it off as a bad debt. In a write-off, the bank includes a bad debt as an uncollectible loss on its tax return.

How do you get a loan payoff at Bank of America?

Bank of America Mortgage Payoff Phone Number: 1.800.763.1255

How can you fill an application on line for a loan modification for Bank of America?

Hello, I want to fill a loan modification application online for bank of America asap.

Bank of America debt settlement?

Debt consolidation means to use one major loan in order to pay off all the other loan. It is implemented by simply using a collateral object such as a house to turn into secured loan and pay off the other loans, or sometimes it is the other way round. There are many organizations that specialize in debt consolidations, and amongst them Bank of America, is the organization that has introduced a program called the Clean Sweep credit line, which offers loans for debtors to use as pay offs.

What are the best companies for personal loan debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a single loan that allow you to repay your debts to all creditors at once. Most banks offer personal loan debt consolidation. For example TD Bank, RBC or Citi Financial.

Where is it possible to get personal loans with the Bank of America?

To get a personal loan from Bank of America one must contact someone at a branch of the bank to see if they qualify for a personal loan. The representative will fill out the required paperwork and if qualified the personal loan can be obtained.

What is the word for taking money out of the bank?

withdraw or withdrawal Bank of America was taking $ 304.00 out of my mortgage payment every month for my mortgage insurance. I had no mortgage insurance on my FHA loan. Bank of America could not give the money to HUD because my loan was not insured. So why was Bank of America taking the money without my permission. Bank of America was aware my loan was not insured, but they money was continually being taken out of my loan payment illegally. Robert

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