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She has really strong feelings for him but she denys them to be with Edward who she claims she has more feelings for. but you can tell from the movie

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Q: Does Bella have feelings for Jacob?
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Does Jacob have feelings to Bella and the twilight movie?

yes Jacob does have feelings for Bella. Jacob and Edward were fighting over Bella because they both were trying to protect her. But they both loved her in a way.

Does Bella have feelings for Jacob like she has for Edward?

Bella does love Edward&Jacob both, but she has more feelings toward Edward than she does with Jake.

What is Jacob to Bella?

Jacob loves Bella and she wont admit her feelings for him aswell because she's in a relationship with Edward but they are just mates but Jacob inprints on Bella's Daughter in Breaking Dawn x

Does Bella kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn?

No, because Jacob will imprint on Renesmee. So most the feelings he had for Bella will disappear. But Bella will be really really angry at Jacob for imprinting on her daughter. So that means that some day Jacob will be Bella's son-in-law.

How does Bella feel about Edward after she kisses Jacob?

Bella's feelings for Edward do not change after kissing Jacob, however she does accept that she loves Jacob about though she still loves Edward more.

Why did Jacob Black get mad in new moon?

Jacob was upset with Bella because he disliked Edward and thought Edward was going to hurt Bella, so Jacob got upset when Bella chose to be with Edward. Jacob also had strong feelings for Bella, so he cared he got jealous and angry when Bella didn't choose him.

Can you explain the love triangle situation in breaking dawn?

Jacob loves Bella who is married to Edward. Bella also has feelings for Jacob but loves Edward more.

How does Jacob hurt Bella in new moon?

Jacob kissed Bella, so she punched him! she broke her fist!! No that was in Eclipse. I think that the only thing Jacob hurts in New Moon is Bella's feelings when she doesn't know why he is avoiding her.

What does it mean that Jacob imprinted on Bella's daughter?

it means he falls in love and basically he has feelings for her just like he does for bella!

Does Bella still have feelings for Jacob when she marrys edward?

Yes.Cause when i was reading breaking dawn Bella was depressed that Jacob disappeared but when he came to the wedding they danced with each other a million times!I LOVE JACOB!!!

What happends to Jacob when Bella chooses Edward?

Jacob is surprisingly happy at the end of "Eclipse". Bella and Jacob share a passionate kiss releasing Bella's true feelings for Jacob. Bella is very confused as now she knows she loves Both Edward and Jacob. But In Breaking Dawn, when Bella conceives Renesmee, and soon after her birth Jacob imprints, Bella, Edward and Jacob are seen as just friends. Jacob and Bella no longer feel anything besides "best friend saga" It is truly a happy ending.

Why did Stephenie Meyer make Jacob and Bella go out in the book new moon?

Jacob and Bella never really went out, they got feelings for each other. Bella was using Jacob as a distraction from Edward since he had just left her in order to keep her life safe.

Who did Edward Cullen choose and why?

It was Bella who had to choose between Edward and Jacob and she chose Edward because although she realizes she loves Jacob in Eclipse, she loves Edward even more. They get married and Bella stays close friends with Jacob even after she is transformed into a vampire because she no longer has those feelings for him and he has no feelings for her in that way after he imprints on Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee.

Did Stephenie Meyer ever think about Bella ending up with Jacob?

No. In her original sequel to Twilight, Jacob remained a relatively minor character whose feelings for Bella never developed past "a crush".

Does edward like Jacob around Bella?

No Edward doesn't and Jacob doesn't like being around Edward either because the Cullen's have a treaty with the werewolfs not to kill humans. Plus Edward can read Jacob's mind and so he knows he has feelings for Bella.

Did Bella'e feelings to Jacob change after 2 month because he always supposed to be her best friend?

Bella always tried to fight her feelings about Jacob, she fooled herself into thinking that it was nothing more then a friendship with him. After everything she went through after not having Edward throughout New Moon she relized that she really did love Jacob. The third book Eclipise is really all about Bella figuring which life is better for her, the life with Jacob her best friend, or the life with Edward he first love. So Bella's feelings never changed from not loving Jacob..those feeling only grew stronger. In the end of course she knew that although she loves Jacob, Edward is the one she needs to be with.

Does Jacob black ever date Bella swan?

Technically, they never do. When Jacob finally asks Bella out in New Moon, Alice comes home to Forks seeking Bella's help. Even in Eclipse, she never looks to Jacob as something more than a friend except towards the end, when she realizes she has feelings for him too.

If Bella's feelings to Jacob were strong why they fades so fast or it was just a kind of not very strong falling in love?

They were actually renesmes feelings of love Bella only loved him as a friend Renesme loved him as a soul mate.

Does Jacob marry Bella in the series?

no Jacob does not marry Bella. Edward marrys Bella but Jacob has a imprint on edward and Bella child renesmee

Does Bella still have feelings for Jacob in breaking dawn?

No, the love she feels for her fades and turn into just a friendly love...

Does Jacob Black love Bella Swan?

Jacob loves Bella but when Jacob kisses Bella edward tries to kill him

Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee

Why did Jacob kiss Bella in eclipse?

Jacob kissed Bella because Bella asked him to kiss her because Jacob was trying to kill himself so Bella tried to stop him but he wouldn't and Bella had no choice the only thing that makes him alive is that Jacob kissing Bella.

What does Jacob do to Bella?

In the Twilight series, Jacob promises Bella that he will never leave her like Edward, her vampire boyfriend, did. Unfortunately, Bella does not want want to start a relationship with Jacob, even though he is madly in love with her. Because of the changes happening in Jacob's body (due to the transitional stage of becoming a wolf), he starts to ignore her in order to protect her from his violent outbreaks. She becomes very upset and attempts to discover the truth behind Jacob's strange behaviour. Later in the series, when Edward returns and all is revealed, Bella feels torn between her love for Edward and her (brotherly) love for Jacob. It isn't until Jacob kisses her that Bella realizes that she does have feelings for him. Unfortunately, her feelings for Edward are much stronger. Jacob tries very hard to "imprint", on Bella but is unsuccessful. He makes her feel ashamed of her choices and says that he will never see her again if she chooses to become a vampire. In the end of the series, this is not the case because Jacob "imprint's" on Bella's daughter, Renesmee, and they become friends again.

Did Bella's feelings to Jacob fades after 2 month?

no... but here is a spoiler for the 3rd book: they kiss twice!